State Universities Civil Service System

Class/Exam Status Notices

The University System office is reviewing the class specifications and examinations of the current Campus Recreation Coordinator. Whenever any classification or classification series is presented for review, the class plan management process triggers a broad review of all related classifications within the occupational area. This is consistent with our intent to provide an effective classification system that is directly linked to the operational needs of each university and agency. This process may result in further classification modifications than originally suggested.

Please note that any final action, specifically those actions that reduce the number of available classes, does not constitute an elimination of positions, revision of any specific position description, or a change in the campus/agency organizational structure.


Date Document
10/1/2020 Class Specification
10/1/2020 Final Status Notice
1/15/2020 Final Status Notice
1/15/2020 Class Specification
7/1/2016 Class Specification
7/1/2016 Final Status Notice
1/15/2011 Class Specification
1/15/2011 Final Status Notice
Class Specification