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State Universities Civil Service System

Test Preparation
Police Series

Applicants considering applying for Police Officer or similar positions should review these documents for an overview of the testing process.  Police testing is usually only conducted 1-2 times per year at each university.

Applicants should directly contact the university where they are seeking employment for specific dates/times of testing.

Click here for the list of the universities.

Questions about Police testing can be sent to

Police Sergeant Structured Oral Boards

The Police Sergeant Oral Boards will be held the week of May 20-24, 2024, at the State Universities Civil Service System's Office in Urbana. Please get in touch with your University HR or Police Department for details.

To participate in the 2024 Sergeant Oral Boards, the candidates must have completed and passed the Knowledge Test. All eligible candidate’s names must be submitted to our office no later than the close of business on Friday, April 19, 2024. No late submissions or exceptions will be made.

All pending passing Sergeant knowledge test scores from April 29, 2022, and after will be eligible for the May 2024 Police Sergeant Structured Oral Boards.

Further information regarding the Police Sergeant Exam can be found in the links below.

Officer Materials

Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) announced a change to the POWER test metrics effective 01/01/2023. The State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) Police Officer physical fitness test (PFT) is based on the ILETSB POWER test and uses the same metrics for pre-employment testing. We have updated the Police Officer’s PFT to the new POWER test metrics effective 1/25/2023.

Questions regarding testing can be sent to

Corporal Materials

Sergeant Materials