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State Universities Civil Service System

Merit Board
Powers and Duties of the Merit Board

In accordance with section 36d of the Act (110 ILCS 70/36d), the powers and duties of the Merit Board are determined as follows:

  • To approve a classification plan and delegate to its Executive Director the duty of assigning positions to appropriate classes.
  • To prescribe the duties of each class of positions.
  • To prescribe the range of compensation for each class or to fix a single rate of compensation for employees in a particular class.
  • To approve ranges and rates for the payment of wages paid generally in the community for work of a similar character.
  • To recommend standards of hours of work, holidays, sick leave, overtime compensation and vacation.
  • To prescribe standards of examinations for each class, the examinations to be related to the duties of such class.
  • To authorize the continuous recruitment and to delegate to the Executive Director and staff the power and duty to conduct open and continuous competitive examinations for all classifications.
  • To cause to be established from the results of examinations registers for each class of positions.
  • To provide by its rules for promotions in the classified service.
  • To provide by its rules for employment of physically handicapped persons.
  • To make and publish rules, to carry out the purpose of the University System, and for examination, appointment, transfer and removals to include layoffs.
  • To appoint an Executive Director and such assistants and other clerical and technical help as may be necessary to efficiently administer the Act.
  • To submit to the Governor on or before November l of each year prior to the regular session of the General Assembly a report of the University System’s business and an estimate of the amount of appropriation from state funds required for the purpose of administering the University System.
  • To review transcripts of hearings and findings of fact as made by hearing boards and enter decisions and orders in discharge and demotion proceedings.

For the complete text of the Power and Duties, scroll to Section II. Powers and Duties of the Merit Board in the Bylaws document.