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State Universities Civil Service System

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Compliance Services

In accordance with Section 250.140(c) of the Illinois Administrative Code (80 Ill. Adm. Code ยง250.140(c)(2003)), each university and agency covered by the State Universities Civil Service System is audited for compliance purposes once every three years. Regular audits of existing personnel programs in order to meet the needs and expectations of administrators and civil service employees alike, identify problems and propose solutions, evaluate the impact of new technology on personnel programs, and provide staff assistance when necessary. Specific areas of review include the following:

  1. Assignment of Positions to Classes
  2. Pay Administration
  3. Employment and Separation Procedures
  4. Examination Procedures
  5. Statutory Exemptions
  6. General Personnel Program Evaluation

Within these broadly defined areas, compliance activities are conducted based on pre-determined risk factors through a sampling of personnel records and individual contact with both employees and various human resource office staff members. A significant amount of documentation is reviewed throughout this process, including position descriptions, payroll documents, employee files, employment registers, suspension and dismissal files, and many other documents. The compliance audit function is designed to be used as a tool to assist the Employer in conforming to the Act, Code and Procedures.

Department Contacts

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Cindy Neitzel

Assistant Director Compliance Services
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Jonah Jett

Human Resource Associate