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State Universities Civil Service System

Department Profile
Classification, Examination and Compensation

The Classification, Examination and Compensation Division is responsible for the development, periodic revision, and routine administration of the classification and corresponding examination system. We currently maintain a system of approximately 875 classifications and examination instruments, ranging across a series of occupational areas including skilled trades, professional, clerical, managerial, custodial, food service, medical, and security. This unit also assists in managing an on-line, electronic, Statewide Salary Data System that provides a state-of-art compensation administration program through the authorization of salary ranges for each university and agency employment location. This unit coordinates the routine review and revision of exam instruments and classification specifications, communicates all proposed changes to our constituency, implements all changes in the examination/classification program, and responds to inquiries regarding the examination/classification program.

This unit also provides training to the university/agency human resource offices on various employment protocols and authorizes/monitors all employee intern and apprentice programs at each university/agency. This unit monitors and provides routine reports on the demographics of the applicant pools at each university/agency. There is a large volume of activity and operational focus; last fiscal year alone, there were over 38,500 examinations administered statewide at the university/agency testing sites.

Other areas that are within the unit's jurisdiction include the review of the Supported Employee Program, classification audit appeals, review of requests to have positions moved from Civil Service to Principal Administrative Appointments, approval of Salary Ranges, Compensatory Qualifications and Waivers.

Department Contacts

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Noel Rowe

Human Resource Assistant Manager
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Stacey Norton

Office Manager
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Christian Twombly

Human Resource Officer