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State Universities Civil Service System

Index of Classes

This index summarizes information about the 873 active job classes that have been approved for use by employers in the State Universities Civil Service System as of July 21, 2024. It is intended to supplement the sets of class and series specifications maintained by System employers. The index contains:

Class Code: The code number that has been assigned to the job class.

Class Titles: The titles assigned to the individual classes. The index is arranged according to the alphabetical order of these titles. A title that has been officially adopted as an alternative to some other class title is designated with a single asterisk (*) in the index.

Promotional Line: The number(s) of the promotional line(s) the class is a part of. See the Promotional Line List for a listing of all the classes included in each promotional line.

Occupational Area: The number of the occupational area the class has been assigned to. See the occupational area listing and the classes within them on the Occupational Area List report. There are 16 occupational areas:

  • 01 Professional
  • 02 Semi-Professional
  • 03 Managerial
  • 04 Clerical
  • 05 Stores
  • 06 Aeronautical
  • 07 Agricultural
  • 08 Custodial Services
  • 09 Domestic Services
  • 10 Food Services
  • 11 Heat, Light, and Power Services
  • 12 Medical Services
  • 13 Protective
  • 14 Skilled Trades
  • 15 Semi-Skilled Trades
  • 16 Unskilled Trades

Probationary Period: The length of the probationary period that employees must serve in the class (either 6 or 12 months).

Last Action: The last action type that was taken on the specification for the class.

Effective Date: The date of the last action taken on the specification for the class.