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State Universities Civil Service System

Test Preparation
What is a Civil Service exam?

A civil service examination in our System may consist of a written, oral, physical, aptitude, or other appropriate tests and/or a rating of education and work experience or a combination of any of these examination aspects. The civil service examinations are used to determine the rank of all applicants seeking a civil service position.

All State Universities Civil Service System employers use civil service examinations to help determine if applicants possess the basic knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the functions of the position. Written (Knowledge and Understanding and Following Directions) and oral tests (Oral Boards) present questions and problems that test applicants for the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in the position. Credential Assessments examinations are used to evaluate the candidate's work experience and education background to determine requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform in a position. Physical fitness tests for the police officer exam measure a candidate's ability to perform job-related tasks.

Examinations provide a system that is fair and objective for all applicants. Applicants receive a score based on the same examination components and criteria. All applicants are given an equal opportunity to be placed on an employment register, the possibility for an interview, and the potential to be selected.

Veteran's Preference points for those who qualify may be added to your final score. (For more information on Veteran's Preference, click on Examination Procedures Manual Section 3, Veterans Preference).

A "Register" is composed of one or more names of candidates who can potentially be referred for a job interview. Each employer (university/agency) uses a register for their specific employment location to certify (refer) candidates for position interviews. Scores are ranked on the register in numerical order. A rank of "1" is better than "40". The employer shall certify the candidates with the three highest scores ranked on the register at the time a vacancy is declared. Please note all candidates receiving the same score will be given the same ranking. From these employment registers, you may be referred for an interview.

Prior to being admitted to a civil service examination, an applicant must meet the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications for the classification. For further information on our class titles and the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications, click on Class Specifications.