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State Universities Civil Service System

HR Directors Advisory Committee

In December 2003, the Human Resource Directors Advisory Committee was reactivated. This Committee is composed of the Human Resource Director or Designated Employer Representative from each University/Agency.

It was disbanded some years ago, but has become very essential in our overall general review and updating of University System rules and procedures.

Their collaboration is essential in creating a system of rules and procedures consistent with the changing demands of the various complex employment environments within the University System.

Committee Members

Mr. Joshua Allen, Governors State University
Ms. Vicki Baba, Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Mr. Matt Berry, Illinois Community College Board
Ms. Janice Bonneville, Illinois State University
Ms. Cheri Canfield, University of Illinois (Chicago)
Mr. Carl Chambers, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Ms. Nichole Hemming, State Universities Retirement System
Ms. Linda Holloway, Eastern Illinois University
Ms. Sherese Johnson, Chicago State University
Ms. Lynne Keeton, University of Illinois (College of Medicine at Peoria)
Ms. Pulchratia Lacey, Northern Illinois University
Ms. Shari Mickey-Boggs, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Ms. Ja'Neane Minor, Illinois Board of Higher Education
Ms. Melissa Mlynski, University of Illinois (Springfield)
Ms. Abigail Murray, Northeastern Illinois University
Ms. Jami Painter, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Mr. Brett Ruiz, University of Illinois (College of Medicine at Rockford)
Ms. Susan L. Simmers, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Ms. Teresa Smith, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Ms. Shannon Sutton, Western Illinois University
vacant, University of Illinois (Division of Specialized Care for Children)

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