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State Universities Civil Service System

Statute and Rules

Section Section 250.90
Title Probationary Period
  1. Purpose of Probationary Period. The probationary period is an integral part of the examination process, and shall be utilized by the employer for close observation and evaluation of the employee's work, for obtaining the most effective adjustment of a new employee to his/her position, and to determine whether an employee demonstrates the ability and qualifications necessary to furnish satisfactory service. Periodically, throughout the probationary period, the employer should discuss with the employee his/her progress on the job. An employee who is dismissed during a probationary period shall be given the reason for his/her dismissal, with the understanding that the reason is not reviewable.
  2. Duration of Probationary Period
    1. Candidates employed from the reemployment register shall not be required to serve a new probationary period.
    2. An employee who has accepted a status appointment shall be on probation for no less than six months and no longer than 12 months. The probationary period shall be extended by a comparable amount of time for the following personnel actions:  a paid or unpaid leave of absence that exceeds more than five consecutive work days; a layoff of any duration; a suspension of any duration; or a designated off-site formalized training session, provided the Executive Director has approved the off-site training for that extension.  The probationary period shall begin on the date of assignment to duty and shall expire at the close of business on the last working day that completes the probationary period for the class, regardless of percentage of time of employment during the probationary period.  If the employee is not dismissed during the probationary period, the employee shall become a status employee at its conclusion.
    3. An employee reinstated to a register in accordance with Section 250.60(j) (4) who is subsequently appointed to a position of his/her former class shall complete his/her probationary period in the former class, if he/she has not already done so.
    4. An employee who goes on layoff status during the probationary period may, upon written request of the employer, be reinstated by the Executive Director on either the original entry register or promotional register, as appropriate, in accordance with total service earned as of the date of the layoff and may be appointed thereafter to the same or similar position.  The reinstated employee shall complete the probationary period for the class in which eligibility has been established, although his/her service may be interrupted by one or more layoffs.
    5. Service in a higher class shall count toward completion of the probationary period in a lower class in the same promotional line.  Service in a lower class shall not be counted toward completion of probationary period in a higher class of the same promotional line.
    6. A provisional employee shall begin a probationary period on the date of entrance into a status appointment for which the employee is eligible.

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