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State Universities Civil Service System

Work Area List

The Work Areas List groups the classes included in the Index of Classes according to the type of work they are involved in (such as automotive services or food services). It was developed mainly to help classifiers find all current classes in a particular field when they are trying to classify a position. Classes are assigned to only one work area.

The work areas have three-digit code numbers. The work areas are listed alphabetically according to their titles. A summary of the work areas and their classifications follow.

000  Special Group
  Accounting Associate
  Administrative Assistant
  Admissions and Records Associate
  Athletic Communications Associate
  Business/Administrative Associate
  Cinematographer/Creative Video Producer
  Construction Project Manager
  Deputy Chief
  Deputy Director
  Events Administrator Associate
  Financial Aid Associate
  Graduate School Specialist
  Grants and Contracts Associate
  Human Resource Associate
  Information Technology Manager/Administrative Coordinator
  Information Technology Support Associate
  Information Technology Technical Associate
  Marketing Associate
  Program Assistant
  Program Coordinator
  Program Director
  Public Information Associate
  Publicity-Promotion Associate
  Safety/Environmental Compliance Associate

001  Admissions and Records Services
  Admissions and Records Assistant
  Admissions and Records Coordinator
  Admissions and Records Officer
  Admissions and Records Representative
  Continuing Education Community Coordinator

004  Aeronautical Services
  Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Helper
  Aircraft Shop Foreman
  Aircraft Shop Sub-Foreman
  Airport Mechanic
  Chief Flight Line Attendant
  Flight Line Attendant I
  Flight Line Attendant II
  Junior Airport Mechanic
  Master Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Mechanic
  Senior Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

007  Agricultural Services
  Agricultural Gardener
  Agricultural Gardener Foreman
  Assistant Agricultural Research Technician
  Associate Agricultural Research Technician
  Crops Testing Specialist
  Crops Testing Technician
  Farm Mechanic
  Floral Designer
  Greenhouse Gardener I
  Greenhouse Gardener II
  Manager of Agricultural Sciences Facilities
  Senior Agricultural Research Technician
  Senior Floral Designer

010  Architectural Services
  Architectural Draftsman I
  Architectural Draftsman II
  Architectural Superintendent
  Chief Architectural Draftsman
  Interior Decorator I
  Interior Decorator II

013  Automotive Services
  Automotive Body Repair Technician
  Automotive Parts Manager
  Automotive Technician
  Automotive Technician Assistant
  Disability Transportation Specialist
  Driver Foreperson
  Driver Sub-Foreperson
  Garage Foreman
  Garage Sub-Foreman
  Head Disability Transportation Specialist
  Heavy Driver
  Maintenance Equipment Operator
  Supervisor of Rehabilitation Equipment & Facilities
  Transportation Assistant Manager
  Transportation Clerk
  Transportation Manager

023  Crafts and Trades Services
  Arena Technician
  Assembly Hall Stagehand
  Brickmason Foreman
  Building Heat/Frost Insulator
  Carpenter Foreman
  Carpenter Sub-Foreman
  Cement Finisher
  Cement Finisher Foreman
  Crafts and Trades General Foreman
  Electrical and Electronic Instruments and Controls Mechanic
  Electrical and Electronic Instruments and Controls Mechanic Foreman
  Electrician Foreman
  Electrician Sub-Foreman
  Equipment Service Supervisor
  Equipment Service Worker
  Furniture Restoration Supervisor
  Furniture Restorer
  Grounds Equipment Mechanic
  Ironworker Foreman
  Locksmith Foreman
  Locksmith Sub-Foreman
  Machinist Foreman
  Machinist Sub-Foreman
  Machinist Welder
  Mill Worker
  Mill Worker Foreman
  Musical Instrument Specialist
  Musical Instrument Technician
  Painter Foreman
  Painter Sub-Foreman
  Pipefitter (Refrigeration Mechanic)
  Pipefitter (Refrigeration Mechanic) Foreman
  Pipefitter (Refrigeration Mechanic) Sub-Foreman
  Plumber Foreman
  Plumber Sub-Foreman
  Research Laboratory Shop Supervisor
  Roofer Foreman
  Roofer Sub-Foreman
  Senior Machinist Welder
  Sheet Metal Foreman
  Sheet Metal Sub-Foreman
  Sheet Metal Worker
  Tool and Instrument Mechanic

026  Custodial Services
  Assembly Hall Attendant
  Assistant Superintendent of Building Services
  Athletic Facilities Attendant
  Athletic Facilities Supervisor
  Building Service Foreman
  Building Service Sub-Foreman
  Building Service Supervisor
  Building Service Worker
  Coin Machine Attendant
  Gymnasium and Facilities Supervisor
  Housekeeping Supervisor
  Locker Room Attendant
  Recycling Coordinator
  Research Facility Attendant
  Sports Equipment Supervisor
  Superintendent of Building Services
  Swimming Pool Tender

029  Electronic Services
  Communications Technician
  Molecular Beam Epitaxy Facility Coordinator
  Senior Communications Technician

032  Engineering Services
  Assistant Ethanol Plant Research Engineer
  Biomedical Engineer I
  Biomedical Engineer II
  Biomedical Engineering Technician I
  Biomedical Engineering Technician II
  Biomedical Engineering Technician III
  Chief Engineering Draftsman
  Engineering Draftsman I
  Engineering Draftsman II
  Ethanol Plant Research Engineer
  Research Engineering Assistant

038  Food Services
  Catering Supervisor
  Food Service Sanitation Laborer
  Food Service Stores-Laborer

041  Heat, Light, and Power Services
  Assistant Instrument and Efficiency Engineer
  Assistant Steam Distribution Operator
  Building Automation Technician I
  Building Automation Technician II
  Central Systems Control Operator
  Instrument and Efficiency Engineer
  Instrument Technician
  Operations Clerk
  Power Plant Mechanic
  Power Plant Mechanic Supervisor
  Sewage Treatment Plant Operator
  Steam and Power Plant I
  Steam and Power Plant II
  Steam and Power Plant III
  Steam and Power Plant IV
  Steam and Power Plant V
  Steam Distribution Foreman
  Steam Distribution Operator
  Steam Distribution Sub-Foreman
  Water Station Foreman
  Water Station Operator
  Water Station Sub-Foreman

044  Hospital and Health Services
  Bone Density Technician
  Public Health Response Specialist
  Radiologic Technologist
  Radiologic Technologist Manager
  Radiologic Technologist Specialist

047  Housing Services
  Coordinator of Tenant Union Program
  Housing Administrator
  Housing Maintenance Inspector
  Housing Maintenance Supervisor
  Housing Officer
  Housing Representative

048  Instructional Services
  Child Care Assistant
  Child Care Resource Specialist
  Child Development Associate
  Child Development Supervisor
  Health Education Coordinator
  Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  Live Captioner
  Senior Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  Special Education Paraprofessional
  Teacher Aide
  Test Specialist

053  Laundry Services
  Laundry Worker

056  Legal Services
  Paralegal Assistant

060  Museum and Exhibit Services
  Anatomy Curator
  Anatomy Curator Coordinator
  Curator of Anthropology I
  Curator of Anthropology II
  Curator of Anthropology III
  Curator of Art I
  Curator of Art II
  Curator of Art III
  Curator of Exhibits
  Museum Exhibits Designer
  Museum Exhibits Preparator
  Museum Instructor/Educator

069  Safety and Security Services
  Airport Fire Marshall
  Assistant Coordinator of Parking and Traffic
  Campus Parking Manager
  Coordinator of Parking and Traffic
  Coordinator of Residence Hall Attendant Program
  Crash-Rescue and Security Coordinator
  Crash-Rescue and Security Specialist
  Emergency Management Coordinator
  Environmental Health & Safety Technician I
  Environmental Health & Safety Technician II
  Environmental Health & Safety Technician III
  Evidence Custodian
  Motorcycle Safety Specialist
  Parking Meter Mechanic I
  Parking Meter Mechanic II
  Parking Services Agent I
  Parking Services Agent II
  Parking Services Agent III
  Police Captain
  Police Corporal
  Police Lieutenant
  Police Officer
  Police Sergeant
  Police Telecommunicator
  Police Telecommunicator Supervisor
  Public Safety Telecommunicator *
  Radiation Safety Officer
  Radiation Safety Technician
  Residence Hall Attendant
  Safety/Environmental Compliance Specialist
  Security Guard
  Security Guard Supervisor
  Security Officer
  Security Sergeant
  Supervisor of Residence Hall Attendants
  Valet Parking Attendant

071  Social Services
  Clinical Actor
  Community Outreach Worker
  Extension Program Coordinator
  Peer Support Assistant
  Peer Support Specialist
  Peer Support Supervisor
  Program Services Aide
  Program Services Specialist
  Work Program Participant

072  Statistical and Research Services
  Educational Program Evaluation Coordinator
  Institutional Research Data Coordinator
  Institutional Research Data Specialist
  Statistical Clerk
  Statistician Specialist

075  Stores Services
  Assistant Distribution Services Supervisor
  Central Receiving Station Dispatcher
  Central Stores Manager I
  Central Stores Manager II
  Distribution Services Supervisor
  Equipment Attendant
  Retail Assistant Manager
  Retail Associate
  Retail Manager
  Retail Supervisor
  Senior Tool Room Attendant
  Shipping/Receiving Clerk
  Storekeeper I
  Storekeeper II
  Storekeeper III
  Stores Supervisor
  Theatrical Stitcher
  Tool Room Attendant
  Tool Room Supervisor

078  Student Activity and Program Services
  Assistant Director of University Student Center
  Assistant to Director of University Union
  Bowling and Billiard Center Attendant
  Bowling and Billiard Center Manager
  Campus Recreation Coordinator
  Craft Shop Coordinator
  Financial Aid Coordinator
  Financial Aid Manager
  Financial Aid Representative
  Fitness and Aquatics Aide
  Golf Course Pro-Shop Assistant
  Golf Course Pro-Shop Manager
  Graduate Placement Officer
  Intercollegiate Athletics Equipment Specialist
  Main Desk Attendant
  Manager of Sports Facilities
  Medical Education Program Coordinator
  Medical Education Program Specialist
  Program/Student Advisor
  Study Abroad Advisor
  Study Abroad Assistant Director

170  Construction, Maintenance and Repair
  Assembly Hall Physical Facilities Supervisor
  Assistant Chief Building Operating Engineer
  Assistant Operating Engineer
  Assistant Superintendent of Building Maintenance
  Assistant Technical Director
  Building Mechanic
  Building Mechanic Foreman
  Building Operating Engineer
  Chief Building Operating Engineer
  Construction Laborer
  Construction Laborer Foreman
  Construction Laborer Sub-Foreman
  Construction Project Coordinator I
  Construction Project Coordinator II
  Construction Superintendent
  Electrical Construction Superintendent
  Elevator Mechanic
  Elevator Mechanic Foreman
  Field House Facilities Supervisor
  Laborer-Electrician Foreman
  Maintenance Laborer
  Maintenance Repair Foreperson
  Maintenance Repair/Worker
  Maintenance Worker
  Mechanical Construction Superintendent
  Operating Engineer
  Operating Engineer Foreman
  Operative Crane Engineer
  Pest Controller
  Pneumatic Instrument and Controls Mechanic
  Routing Dispatcher I
  Routing Dispatcher II
  Routing Dispatcher III
  Routing Supervisor
  Superintendent of Building Maintenance
  Supervisor of Building Craftsmen
  Technical Director
  Temperature Control Foreman
  Temperature Control Mechanic
  Temperature Control Sub-Foreman

171  Grounds
  Assistant Golf Course Grounds Superintendent
  Assistant Grounds Gardener
  Assistant Superintendent of Grounds
  Assistant Tree Surgeon
  Athletic Turf Specialist
  Driller Assistant
  Driller Laborer
  Forest Custodian
  Golf Course Grounds Superintendent
  Greens Worker
  Grounds Foreman
  Grounds Gardener
  Grounds Sub-Foreman
  Grounds Worker
  Nursery Worker
  Park Attendant
  Park Supervisor
  Superintendent of Grounds
  Tree Surgeon

172  Managerial
  Assistant Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
  Assistant Director of Auditorium
  Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
  Business Manager
  Campus Planning Analyst
  Campus Planning Coordinator
  Facility Operations Coordinator
  Facility Operations Specialist
  Financial Analyst/Planner
  Financial Analyst/Planner Specialist
  Financial Analyst/Planner Supervisor
  Laboratory Manager
  Night Supervisor of University Union
  Senior Business Manager
  Superintendent of Buildings
  Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
  Superintendent of Operations

173  Space Utilization
  Space Administrator I
  Space Administrator II
  Space Administrator III

210  Audio-Visual Aids Services
  Chief Instructional Media Systems Engineer
  Instructional Development Specialist
  Media Technical Services Manager
  Multimedia Assistant
  Multimedia Communications Associate
  Multimedia Communications Specialist
  Multimedia Communications Supervisor
  Multimedia Operator
  Multimedia Supervisor
  Multimedia Technician
  Properties Technician

211  Broadcasting (Radio)
  Broadcast Music Specialist
  Broadcast Music Specialist (Jazz)
  Broadcast News Specialist
  Broadcasting Engineer
  Chief Broadcasting Engineer
  Media Writer/Producer/Announcer I
  Media Writer/Producer/Announcer II
  Radio Station Production Supervisor

212  Broadcasting (Television)
  Assistant Chief Instructional Media Systems Engineer
  Instructional Media Systems Technician
  Television Broadcast Equipment Operator
  Television Director-Producer
  Television Master Control Room Supervisor
  Television Production Coordinator
  Television Program/Operations Coordinator
  Television Traffic and Continuity Supervisor

213  Editorial
  Associate Director of Publications
  Editorial Assistant
  Editorial Writer
  Publications Editor
  Publications Manager
  Technical Editor

214  Messenger and Mail Services
  Distribution Clerk
  Mail Messenger
  Mail Supervisor
  Mailing Equipment Operator/Expediter I
  Mailing Equipment Operator/Expediter II
  Mailing Equipment Operator/Expediter III
  Mailing Services Manager
  Mailing Services Supervisor I
  Mailing Services Supervisor II

215  Public Relations
  Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
  Customer Service Assistant
  Customer Service Representative
  Customer Service Specialist
  Events Coordinator
  Information Services Supervisor
  Senior Events Coordinator
  Survey Interviewer
  Survey Interviewer Supervisor

216  Telephone and Related Communications
  Departmental Information Supervisor
  Telephone Operator I
  Telephone Operator II
  Telephone Operator III

350  Accounting
  Accountant I
  Accountant II
  Accountant III
  Accounting Assistant
  Accounting Officer
  Accounting Specialist
  Assistant Chief Accountant
  Budget Analyst
  Chief Accountant
  Senior Budget Analyst

351  Auditing
  Internal Auditor
  Internal Auditor Assistant Manager
  Internal Auditor Associate
  Internal Auditor Manager

352  Collection and Payment
  Assistant Bursar
  Assistant Payroll Manager
  Cashier I
  Cashier II
  Cashier III
  Cashier IV
  Collection Assistant Manager
  Collection Manager
  Collection Representative
  Collection Specialist
  Food Service Cashier
  Manager of University Cashiering Operations
  Member Service Representative I
  Member Service Representative II
  Member Service Representative III
  Member Service Representative IV
  Payroll Clerk
  Payroll Manager
  Payroll Specialist I
  Payroll Specialist II
  Payroll Specialist III
  Ticket Sales Assistant
  Ticket Sales Specialist
  Ticket Sales Supervisor

353  Insurance
  Insurance Risk Manager I
  Insurance Risk Manager II

354  Inventory
  Inventory Clerk
  Inventory Record Control Supervisor
  Inventory Specialist

356  Purchasing
  Procurement Officer
  Procurement Officer Assistant
  Procurement Officer Specialist
  Procurement Officer Supervisor

357  Sales
  Retail Services Supervisor

358  Scholarship Program
  Client Relations Representative I
  Client Relations Representative II
  Client Relations Representative III
  Client Relations Representative IV
  Client Relations Representative V
  Institutional Compliance Examiner I
  Institutional Compliance Examiner II
  Institutional Compliance Examiner III
  Institutional Compliance Examiner IV
  Manager of Institutional Audits

380  Food Management
  Assistant Food Production Manager
  Assistant Food Service Manager
  Assistant Pastry Chef
  Executive Chef
  Food Production Manager
  Food Service Administrator I
  Food Service Administrator II
  Food Service Administrator III
  Food Service Administrator IV
  Food Service Area Supervisor
  Food Service Chef
  Food Service Manager
  Pastry Chef
  University Food Service Director
  Vending Services Manager I
  Vending Services Manager II

381  Food Preparation
  Culinary Worker I
  Culinary Worker II
  Culinary Worker III
  Culinary Worker IV
  Culinary Worker V
  Food Court/Snack Bar Attendant
  Food Court/Snack Bar Supervisor

382  Food Serving
  Dining Room Supervisor
  Food Service Supervisor

383  Clean-up
  Dishroom Supervisor

440  Admissions
  Admitting Officer I
  Admitting Officer II
  Admitting Officer III
  Admitting Officer IV
  Patient Services Specialist

441  Managerial
  Health Care Reimbursement Analyst I
  Health Care Reimbursement Analyst II
  Health Care Reimbursement Analyst III
  Health Center Administrator
  Industrial Hygienist
  Medical Office Coordinator
  Medical Staff Services Coordinator

442  Nursing
  Administrative Nurse I
  Administrative Nurse II
  Administrative Nurse III
  Certified Clinic Nurse
  Charge Nurse
  Clinic Nurse
  Clinical Nursing Consultant I
  Clinical Nursing Consultant II
  Healthcare Technician
  Licensed Practical Nurse I
  Licensed Practical Nurse II
  Medical Assistant
  Medical Assistant (Credentialed/Certified)
  Nurse Administrator
  Nurse Practitioner
  Nursing Technician
  Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse
  Research Nurse
  Staff Nurse I
  Staff Nurse II

443  Records
  Coordinator of Medical Transcription
  Health Information Administrator
  Health Information Specialist
  Health Information Technician
  Medical Transcriptionist I
  Medical Transcriptionist II
  Medical Transcriptionist III
  Medical Transcriptionist IV
  Tumor Registrar I
  Tumor Registrar II

444  Rehabilitation and Therapeutic
  Activity Therapist
  Assistant Chief Hemodialysis Technologist
  Behavioral Interventionist
  Chief Hemodialysis Technologist
  Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  Clinical Exercise Physiologist Supervisor
  Coordinator of Occupational Therapy Services
  Coordinator of Physical Therapy Services
  Dental Hygienist
  Dietitian Coordinator
  Dietitian Nutritionist
  Dietitian Nutritionist Specialist
  Hemapheresis Technologist
  Hemodialysis Technician
  Hemodialysis Technologist
  Medical Radiation Dosimetrist I
  Medical Radiation Dosimetrist II
  Medical Social Assistant
  Medical Social Associate
  Medical Social Consultant
  Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Manager
  Nursing Consultant
  Occupational Therapist
  Occupational Therapy Assistant
  Occupational Therapy Specialist
  Ophthalmic Assistant
  Ophthalmic Medical Technologist
  Ophthalmic Technician
  Orthopedic Technician
  Orthopedic Technologist
  Physical Therapist
  Physical Therapy Aide
  Physical Therapy Assistant
  Physical Therapy Specialist
  Radiation Oncology Physicist
  Radiation Therapist I
  Radiation Therapist II
  Radiation Therapist III
  Respiratory Care Therapy Manager
  Respiratory Care Therapy Specialist
  Respiratory Care Therapy Technologist
  Senior Behavioral Interventionist
  Social Work Aide I
  Social Work Aide II
  Social Work Aide III
  Speech and Hearing Consultant
  Speech Pathologist

445  Subsidiary
  Anesthesia Assistant
  Anesthesia Supervisor
  Anesthesia Technician
  Animal Care Coordinator
  Animal Care Specialist
  Animal Care Technician
  Animal Caretaker
  Central Sterile Supply Technician
  Dental Assistant I
  Dental Assistant II
  Dental Assistant III
  Dental Assistant IV
  Dental Clinic Clerk I
  Dental Clinic Clerk II
  Dental Unit Coordinator
  Emergency Medical Technician
  Health Care Compliance Officer
  Healthcare Interpreter
  Medical Insurance Assistant Manager
  Medical Insurance Associate
  Medical Insurance Manager
  Medical Insurance Representative
  Medical Insurance Specialist
  Medical Office Assistant
  Medical Office Associate
  Medical Office Specialist
  Medical Staff Services Specialist I
  Medical Staff Services Specialist II
  Nutrition Assistant
  Ophthalmic Photographer
  Principal Ophthalmic Photographer
  Prosthodontic Technician
  Prosthodontic Technician Supervisor
  Reimbursement Coding Coordinator
  Reimbursement Coding Representative
  Reimbursement Coding Specialist
  Surgical Technologist
  Transporter I
  Transporter II
  Veterinary Assistant
  Veterinary Technician (General)
  Veterinary Technician I
  Veterinary Technician II
  Veterinary Technician III

446  Technical Laboratory
  Advanced Intra-Operative Monitoring Specialist
  Cytotechnologist I
  Cytotechnologist II
  Electrocardiographic Technician
  Electroencephalographic Specialist
  Electroencephalographic Supervisor
  Electroencephalographic Technician
  Histology Technician I
  Histology Technician II
  Histology Technologist
  Intra-Operative Monitoring Coordinator
  Intra-Operative Monitoring Specialist
  Medical Laboratory Assistant I
  Medical Laboratory Assistant II
  Medical Laboratory Assistant III
  Medical Laboratory Technician I
  Medical Laboratory Technician II
  Medical Laboratory Technician III
  Medical Technologist I
  Medical Technologist II
  Medical Technologist III
  Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Specialist
  Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist
  Pharmacy Technician I
  Pharmacy Technician II
  Pharmacy Technician III
  Pharmacy Technician Specialist
  Pulmonary Function Technologist I
  Pulmonary Function Technologist II
  Pulmonary Function Technologist III
  Research Technologist I
  Research Technologist II
  Research Technologist Manager
  Supervising Electrocardiographic Technician

447  X-Ray
  Animal Imaging Coordinator
  Animal Imaging Specialist
  Animal Imaging Technician
  Animal Imaging Technologist
  Cardiac Sonographer Manager
  Cardiac Sonographer Specialist
  Cardiac Sonographer Technologist
  Computed Tomography (CT) Manager
  Computed Tomography (CT) Specialist
  Computed Tomography (CT) Technologist
  Dental X-Ray Coordinator
  Dental X-Ray Technician I
  Dental X-Ray Technician II
  Interventional Radiology (IR) Manager
  Interventional Radiology (IR) Specialist
  Interventional Radiology (IR) Technologist
  Invasive Cardiovascular Manager
  Invasive Cardiovascular Specialist
  Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist
  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Manager
  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist
  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist
  Mammography Manager
  Mammography Specialist
  Mammography Technologist
  Medical Sonographer Manager
  Medical Sonographer Specialist
  Medical Sonographer Technologist
  Nuclear Medicine Manager
  Nuclear Medicine Specialist
  Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  Vascular Sonographer Manager
  Vascular Sonographer Specialist
  Vascular Sonographer Technologist

500  Managerial
  Technical Service Supervisor

501  Mechanical
  Assistant Laboratory Mechanic
  Instrument and Measurement Technician I
  Instrument and Measurement Technician II
  Instrument and Measurement Technician III
  Instrument Maker
  Laboratory Mechanic
  Model Maker
  Senior Laboratory Mechanic

502  Natural Sciences
  Archaeological Technician
  Natural Science Laboratory Assistant I
  Natural Science Laboratory Assistant II
  Natural Science Laboratory Assistant III
  Natural Science Technical Assistant
  Supervisor of Clinical Pathology Laboratory

503  Physical Sciences
  Assistant Ethanol Plant Scientific Analyst
  Cryogenic Technician I
  Cryogenic Technician II
  Ethanol Plant Operating Coordinator
  Ethanol Plant Operating Technician
  Ethanol Plant Scientific Analyst
  Materials Technologist I
  Materials Technologist II
  Meteorological Aide
  Physical Science Staff Assistant
  Physical Science Technical Assistant

504  Subsidiary
  Archaeological Assistant
  Equipment Specialist I
  Equipment Specialist II
  Equipment Specialist III
  Glass Blower
  Laboratory Helper

591  Library
  Library Assistant
  Library Clerk
  Library Operations Associate
  Library Specialist
  Senior Library Specialist

592  Machine Operation
  Image Processing Technician I
  Image Processing Technician II
  Image Processing Technician III
  Image Processing Technician IV
  Microfilm Operator/Technician I
  Microfilm Operator/Technician II
  Microfilm Operator/Technician III

593  Managerial
  Accreditation and Regulatory Specialist
  Administrative Aide
  Assistant Director of Clinical Support Operations
  Assistant Director of Physical Plant
  Assistant Records Management Officer
  Chief Health Care Utilization Review Coordinator
  Clinical Practice Data Analyst
  Clinical Practice Data Analyst Coordinator
  Clinical Practice Data Analyst Specialist
  Health Care Administrator I
  Health Care Administrator II
  Health Care Administrator III
  Health Care Utilization Review Coordinator
  Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator
  Infection Prevention and Control Professional
  Organizational Quality Coordinator
  Quality Specialist
  Records Management Officer
  Respiratory Care Administrative Director
  Senior Quality Specialist
  Service Enterprises Manager
  University Budget Officer

594  Secretarial
  Executive Assistant
  Office Administrator
  Office Manager
  Office Support Assistant
  Office Support Associate
  Office Support Specialist

630  Campus
  Academic Contract Specialist
  Academic Contract Supervisor
  Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer
  Benefits Counselor
  Benefits Manager
  Benefits Officer
  Benefits Representative
  Benefits Service Supervisor
  Community Affairs Specialist I
  Community Affairs Specialist II
  Human Resource Assistant
  Human Resource Assistant Manager
  Human Resource Manager
  Human Resource Officer
  Human Resource Representative
  Immigration Specialist
  Labor Relations Specialist
  Training and Development Specialist I
  Training and Development Specialist II

660  Graphic Arts
  Digital Imaging Specialist I
  Digital Imaging Specialist II
  Graphic Design Manager
  Graphic Designer
  Graphic Designer Assistant
  Graphic Designer Associate
  Scientific Artist

661  Printing and Press
  Assistant Duplicating Service Supervisor
  Assistant Superintendent of Print Shop
  Bindery Worker Foreman
  Bindery Worker I
  Bindery Worker II
  Copy Center Operator I
  Copy Center Operator II
  Copy Center Operator III
  Copy Center Operator IV
  Desktop Publisher/Coordinator
  Duplicating Machine Operator I
  Duplicating Machine Operator II
  Duplicating Machine Operator III
  Duplicating Service Supervisor
  Duplicating Services Manager
  Offset Press Technician
  Offset Printing Supervisor I
  Offset Printing Supervisor II
  Pre-Press Technician
  Pre-Press Technician Assistant
  Press Technician
  Press Technician Assistant
  Printing Production Assistant
  Printing Production Coordinator
  Superintendent of Print Shop

662  Photographic
  Assistant Manager of Photographic Laboratory
  Manager of Photographic Laboratory
  Senior Photographer

731  Customer Support
  Computer Laboratory Coordinator