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University of Illinois (Chicago)

715 S. Wood

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No Member for this University/Agency/Location

Administrative Advisory Committee

No Member for this University/Agency/Location

Employee Advisory Committee

Ms. Caryn Riley
Ms. Hemali Shah
Ms. Lavitta Steward

Human Resource Directors Advisory Committee

Dr. Michael Ginsburg


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Human Resources Website

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Senior Compensation Analyst

Under general supervision, assist in the development, analysis, implementation, and administration of compensation programs, policies and procedures. Provide consultation to management in all areas of compensation. Anticipate needs and demonstrates problem solving to achieve successful results.
Posted On: 9/28/2022

News Articles

$4M NSF award brings next-generation microscope to UIC

Nanoscale materials represent a class of substances that approach the size of individual atoms, about 0.1 to 10 nanometers, in at least one dimension. These materials exhibit properties that are uniqu