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Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Mailcode 6520

Merit Board

Mr. John Simmons

Administrative Advisory Committee

Dr. Duane Stucky

Employee Advisory Committee

Ms. Shari Garnett

Human Resource Directors Advisory Committee

Ms. Jennifer Watson


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No Employment Postings available.

News Articles

Fermentation Science Institute is producing ‘Saluki Sanitizer’ for campus
The mixture might not be barley and hops, yet the latest products of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Fermentation Science Institute will serve a vital role on campus beginning this fall.
SIU makes final COVID-19 test component delivery to state after successful effort
Southern Illinois University Carbondale today will ship its final batch of a crucial COVID-19 test element to state of Illinois health officials, bringing the team’s final production tally to 115,000
State asks SIU to continue making key COVID-19 testing substance as first contract fulfilled
Having fulfilled its initial contract with the state, Southern Illinois University Carbondale has signed on to provide another large batch of a key ingredient for COVID-19 test kits.