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Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Mailcode 6520

Merit Board

Mr. John Simmons

Administrative Advisory Committee

Dr. Duane Stucky

Employee Advisory Committee

Ms. Shari Garnett

Human Resource Directors Advisory Committee

Ms. Renee Colombo


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No Employment Postings available.

News Articles

SIU Carbondale awards 35 Chancellor and Provost Scholarships for 2021-2022
Exceptional efforts in the classroom and in their communities helped this year’s scholars at Southern Illinois University Carbondale stand out from their peers. The Chancellor’s Scholarship, SIU’s mos
Free webinar on COVID-19’s impact on rural health is Aug. 19
Illinois must improve access to healthy foods and fitness opportunities in rural regions to improve health in rural communities. Living in a rural area in Illinois is associated with an increased prev
SIU’s Saluki Summer Bridge program helps new students transition to college successfully
Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Saluki Summer Bridge is a unique, free two-week program that gives first-year students a head start toward college success as they participate in enrichment c