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State Universities Civil Service System

Procedure Manuals

Title 7.3 University System Office Review
Manual Employment and Separation Procedures
Subsection Demonstration Projects or Pilot/Study Programs
Status New 7/16/2008

A copy of the application will be made available for public inspection and comment at least 30 days prior to the Merit Board meeting at which it will be considered. All required information must be submitted to the Executive Director of the University System office in order for the application to be considered.

A review of the proposal by the Executive Director will focus on the following items:

  1. whether the project/program is clearly described;
  2. whether the project/program objectives are clearly defined;
  3. whether the objectives lend themselves to the collection of data;
  4. whether the description sets out a compelling need for the project/program;
  5. whether the timeline is attainable;
  6. whether the project/program proposal exceeds the Merit Boards’ waiver authority set forth in section 250. 140(e)(3) of the Illinois Administrative Code(Code) (80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.140(e)(3), which states that the Merit Board may not waive any remedy available to any employee or applicant provided by the Act or Code, compliance with any State of Federal Law, and any requirement of the Act or Code that would violate a collective bargaining agreement;
  7. whether the project/program proposal is in compliance with project limitations set forth in section 250.140((e)(4) of the Code; which states that the Merit Board may not approve a project/program that would cause more than five demonstration projects/programs to run concurrently at any time, would exceed a three-year term, and involves more than 10% of all civil service employees or more than half of the University System employers;
  8. any other issues deemed pertinent by the Executive Director of the University System.

If all of the review questions are not satisfactorily answered, the proposal will be sent to the project/program applicant for revisions. Unless the revisions are made to the satisfaction of the Executive Director, the proposal will be denied and the review process will be discontinued.

If all of the review questions are satisfactorily answered, the proposal will be forwarded to the Merit Board for review, along with a formal evaluation memorandum from the Executive Director, which shall include:

  • a summary of the review described above;
  • a summary of public comments;
  • the potential impact on employees; and
  • the feasibility of the proposal.

(Reference 80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.140(e))