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State Universities Civil Service System

Procedure Manuals

Title 5.1 Assignment of Examination Numbers
Manual Examination Procedures
Subsection Administering and Scoring Examinations
Status Revised 4/6/2022

Each place of employment shall start a new number series beginning each July 1. Original Entry and Promotional examinations are assigned to the same number series.

After the number of the place of employment, each examination number must be prefixed by the last two digits of the fiscal year and the number of the examination assigned.

EXAMPLE: 140990001, 140990002, 140990003, etc.

By June 30 of each year, the number assigned to the last examination given shall indicate the total number given at each place of employment during the year.

Code letters and numbers for places of employment are as follows:

Place of Employment Code Letters Numbers
University of Illinois    
Urbana-Champaign UIUC 000
  Robert Allerton House AH 001
  Robert Allerton Park AP 003
  Bondville Road Station-Monticello Road Station BRS-MRS 004
  County Agriculture and/or Home Economics Extension Office CE-HE 005
  Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture AA 006
  Dixon Springs Agricultural Center DS 007
  Vermilion River Observatory VRO 008
  Northeastern Agronomy Research Center NARC 010
  Prairie Observatory - Oakland PO 011
  Department of Horticulture, River Valley Sand Field Plot, Mason County   012
  Department of Horticulture’s St. Charles Horticulture Research Center   012
Chicago UIC 050
  Morton Arboretum MA 054
  Drug and Horticultural Experiment Station DHES 055
  College of Medicine at Rockford CMR 057
  College of Medicine at Peoria PMR 058
  Hospital and Clinics HC 059
  UIC School of Law UICSL 060
Springfield UIS 154
Division of Specialized Care for Children DSCC 052
Division of Specialized Care for Children, Chicago DSCC-C 053
Southern Illinois University    
Carbondale SIUC 200
School of Medicine, Springfield SIUSM 225
Edwardsville SIUE 250
Alton   251
Madison County   252
East St. Louis   253
Chicago State University CSU 151
Eastern Illinois University EIU 110
Governors State University GSU 153
Illinois State University ISU 130
Northeastern Illinois University NEIU 150
Northern Illinois University    
Northern Illinois University NIU 140
Lorado Taft Field Campus LT 141
College of Continuing Education, Glenn Ellyn   143
College of Continuing Education, Cook County   144
Rockford Project, CHANCE Program RP-N 145
St. Clair County   146
Kankakee County   147
Woodstock Conference Center   148
Hoffman Estates   149
Naperville Center   540
Western Illinois University WIU 120
Quad-Cities Center for Continuing Education   121
Illinois Board of Higher Education IBHE 940
Illinois Community College Board ICCB 930
Illinois Student Assistance Commission ISAC 920
State Universities Civil Service System SUCSS 900
State Universities Retirement System SURS 910

A different examination number shall be assigned for each examination given.