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Class Spec Details

Mail Messenger
Class Code: 2663
Occupational Area: Clerical
Work Area Messenger and Mail Services
Probationary Period: 6 months
Last Action: Revised
Spec. Effective Date: 5/15/1991
Exam Effective Date: 5/15/1991
Promotional Line(s): 130

Promotional Line: 130

  Mail Messenger
  Mail Supervisor
Class Spec:  Adobe PDF Version
 HTML Version

Examination Details
Exam Format: Paper Examination
Exam Component(s):
  • Understanding & Following Directions Test
  • Mathematics Test
  • Observation Test
Time Limit: 4 hours
Typing Test: No, a Typing Test is not required for this classification.
Credentials Assessment: n/a

Salary Range Data

The State Universities Civil Service System Office, on behalf of the Merit Board, approves salary rates and ranges for each authorized classification in use by Employers. Employers request Merit Board approval to establish, revise, correct, or delete pay rates or ranges through the Salary Data System, a web-based electronic approval process. All approved rates and ranges are compiled into a monthly report available in PDF format on the Salary Range Report page. This report is updated on the 15th (approximately) of each month. Listed below are actual, real-time, active pay ranges contained in the Salary Data System.

RateUniv/AgMinimumMidpointMaximumEff Date
RCSU Chicago State University$9.10$11.61$14.121/3/2011
NEIU Eastern Illinois University$18.56$19.81$21.069/15/2013
RISU Illinois State University$1,671.00$2,171.50$2,672.007/1/2007
NNEIU Northeastern Illinois University$13.54$16.25$18.967/1/2011
NSIU-E Southern Illinois University Edwardsville$14.25$15.34$16.427/1/2013
NUIC University of Illinois (Chicago)$19.94$22.53$25.1210/4/2011
RUI-COMP University of Illinois (College of Medicine at Peoria)$9.71$12.86$16.018/27/2006
RUI-COMR University of Illinois (College of Medicine at Rockford)$9.71$12.86$16.018/27/2006
NUIS University of Illinois (Springfield)$11.84$16.29$20.733/2/2014
PUIUCUniversity of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)$16.92$22.22$27.513/8/2014
RWIU Western Illinois University$1,957.00$2,467.50$2,978.007/1/2014

Last Updated: 9/21/2014   

E=Established  N=Negotiated  P=Prevailing  R=Open Range

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