State Universities Civil Service System
1717 Philo Road, Suite 24
Urbana, IL 61802
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General Information


1717 Philo Road, Suite 24
Urbana, IL 61802-6099
ph: 217.278.3150


The State Universities Civil Service System strives to champion excellence in education and auxiliary programs by providing a comprehensive foundation of human resource practices and standards that facilitate the recruitment, retention, and development of a quality staff, in support of the teaching and research mission of each university and affiliated agency. We are committed to providing an environment of equal opportunity and access to all services and thereby establishing a foundation for each university/agency to fulfill their mission and each individual to reach their potential. We endeavor to build a quality of life that sets the standard for the nation.


To carry out its statutory obligation to establish a sound program of personnel administration at state supported institutions of higher education and at certain allied agencies, the State Universities Civil Service System, hereinafter referred to as the University System, provides the essential function of administering, developing, and maintaining the basic rules and procedures related to the employment of professional (non-academic), technical, and support staff at each major Illinois public higher education university and affiliated agency. Among its many responsibilities, the University System provides direct guidance and support services to universities/agencies in such areas as employment, examinations, classification plan management, salary administration, compliance audit reviews, disciplinary procedures, and other business operations related to the management of support staff personnel.


The General Assembly approved the FY 18 operating budget costs at $1,058,600 for the State Universities Civil Service System.


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