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Welcome to the State Universities Civil Service System Website.

As we continue to evolve, communication and collaboration become even more essential elements in fulfilling our mission and in the administration of our many business processes. We need and value your suggestions and comments. So, whether you are simply looking for information, researching employment protocols, or just browsing the site, we're glad you're here.

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Classification Plan Updates
  • Medical Radiographer Series
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Series
  • Mammography Series
  • Medical Radiographer Series
  • Nuclear Medicine Series
  • Special Interest Topics

    Annual Report
    62nd Annual Report

    On behalf of the State Universities Civil Service System, we respectfully submit our 62nd Annual Report. This Report provides an overview of our business operations, an analysis and update of our many programs/initiatives, and a brief description of our FY 2014 agency action plan. Our business objectives remain consistent with our statutory directive, our mission, and our purpose. This Report again demonstrates our commitment and effort to incorporate many 'best practice' human resource concepts into our operational procedures and to modernize the overall delivery of human resource services to the State of Illinois public university system.

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    Legal Updates

    Special Interest TopicsPublic Act 098-0596

    As you are probably aware, return to work provisions for SURS retirees were revised through the passage of Senate Bill 2196 and signed into law as Public Act 98-0596 by Governor Quinn on Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Some significant changes that were developed and successfully included in the new law are as follows: 1. Establishment of a common academic year (September 1) for tracking purposes. 2. Removal of the 18-week limitation. 3. Exception to the 40% threshold and financial consequences if the retiree’s position is governed by the State Universities Civil Service Act (110 ILCS 70).


    Civil Service Spotlight
    Amanda Bergeson
    Western Illinois University

    Amanda Bergeson, full-time office support associate for WQPT, the Quad Cities Public Television station, has been named the Al and Elaine Goldfarb Civil Service Employee of the Month for February.

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    Upcoming Events
    University News
    Southern Illinois University Carbondale students showed their innovation and creativity in creating special software applications at the 2014 Saluki App Competition.

    More than 40 Eastern Illinois University students presented their undergraduate research projects at the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research Thursday through...

    Approximately 1,200 participated in Saturday’s NIU Cares Day event, a campus-wide day of community service. Northern Illinois University students, faculty and staff volunteered...

    Job Postings
    Chief Broadcasting Engineer
    Employees at this level are responsible for the technical maintenance, operation, and efficiency of a radio and/or television station(s). They work under administrative supervision from a designated s...

    Business/Administrative Associate-Student Accounts
    In accordance with University Policies and Procedures, this position will provide accounting, business process and operational support for the Student Accounts Department. This position is analytical...

    Event Monitoring Administrator
    This position will work with system administrators, network engineers and application administrators to develop and implement event monitoring for enterprise applications, servers, websites, databases...
    and 11 more job postings