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2.1 Primary Administrator Appointments

Manual: Exemption Procedures

Subsection: Primary Administrator Exemptions (President, Chancellor, Agency Executive Director)

Top-level, primary administrator appointments are considered exempt from civil service guidelines in accordance with the State Universities Civil Service Act, Section 36(e)2.  In general, these positions are typically given the final campus/agency decision-making and oversight authority by their Board or Trustees, or other Governing Body.  Those directly affiliated positions that are assigned to manage and support any aspect of the primary campus/agency decision making and oversight authority may also be considered exempt in accordance with this procedure.   Some common titles associated with this type of exemption include, but are not limited to, the following:

Agency Executive Director/President
Vice President
Vice Chancellor
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice Chancellor
Assistant Vice President
Assistant Vice Chancellor

The general function of these appointments should be easily discernable and includes the primary leadership and administrative authority over the entire university/agency, or primary unit thereof.  Representative independent functions may include primary oversight authority over operational areas such as Academic Affairs, Affirmative Action/Diversity Resources, Administrative Affairs, Finance and Planning, Health Services, Information Systems, Institutional Advancement, Research, or Student Affairs.

It is recommended that position descriptions be properly developed and maintained in order to establish the proper administrative authority assigned to each position, and validate the exemption authorization recognized under this statutory reference.  A sample position description for this type of appointment and exemption follows. 

See 2.1a for examples of 36e(2) titles and corresponding position standards.

(Reference section 36e(2) of the Act (110 ILCS 70/36e(2))
Issued 6/1/2009