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2.3 Request for Setting or Changing Open Ranges & Established Rates

Manual: Pay Administration

Subsection: Open Ranges and Established Rates

Requests to establish or revise salary ranges that are either open range or established rate types shall be submitted electronically through the Salary Data System. Please see Example 1.1a for the steps involved in accessing and working within the system. In submitting justification for proposed ranges, please be aware of, and take the following into account:

  1. Direct market comparisons shall accompany the request or be available upon request during the regularly scheduled on-site audit, if requested. Information required includes the name(s) of the employer(s) surveyed, the job title used for comparison, and the pay range or the average salary associated with the job.
  2. Proposals based on system-wide salary ranges shall include an average of the minimums or midpoints of current ranges as discussed above.
  3. Range proposals based on ranges in effect for directly related classes shall include supportive data identifying classes and information substantiating relationships used for comparison purposes.

Salary proposals returned to the employer without approval will include the reason(s) for non-approval as well as directive action if appropriate.

Reference Statute Section 110 ILCS 70/36d(3)
Revised 5/11/2016