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2.2 Setting and/or Adjusting Established Rates

Manual: Pay Administration

Subsection: Open Ranges and Established Rates

To set the pay rate/range of a class as anEstablished rate type, the employer shall provide the following types of justification.

  1. Generally, the basis for recommending an Established pay rate/range includes:
    • direct supervision of employees whose rates of pay are Negotiated or Prevailing
    • similarity of work to that performed by Negotiated or Prevailing Rate employees of the Employer and/or special pay situation existing in the local community.
  2. The actual relationship which is being set up and how it will be applied, such as:
    • a supervisory level to be established as a constant dollar amount or percent above the top rate of the class of employees being supervised
    • a tandem relationship with one or more specific classes of the employer and/or jobs of certain outside local employers with such relationship either equal to, above, below, or between

To adjust the rate or range of a class with an existing Established rate/range, the employer shall either:

  1. provide current wage information for the classes upon which the Established rate/range is based if agreed upon relationship is to be maintained; or
  2. provide the same information as in b (1) or (2) above if the relationship is being changed.

Adjustments to existing Established pay rates/ranges shall generally occur at the same time as do adjustments for the classes to which the Established pay rate/range is related if those classes are internal to the employer. If the Established pay rate/range is related to pay rates of specific jobs of local Employer(s), adjustments shall generally coincide with the Employer's timing practices of increase for classes on the Open Range salary structure.

Note: Any attachments can be submitted in the Wage Addendum section which allows you to either attach a document or specify a URL.

Salary proposals returned to the employer without approval will include the reason(s) for non-approval as well as directive action, if appropriate.

Reference Statute Section 110 ILCS 70/36d(3)
Corrected 5/11/2016