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13.1 Procedures for Lifting Scores from Previous Examinations

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Lifting Scores

Basic proficiency components may be lifted from one examination for a specified classification and applied to another examination for a different classification provided the proficiency components are the same and administered in a common format.  An example of a common proficiency test component is the typing test which is required for several classifications.  The purpose of the action is to allow the applicant to most efficiently be placed on multiple registers when common test components are utilized for certain examinations.

Applicants who have passed common basic proficiency components may have those scores lifted and applied for two years after the date of the original examination in the following situations:

  • when rewriting the knowledge portion of the same examination in an attempt to either pass the examination or improve their original score; or
  • when taking an examination in another classification that requires the same common proficiency component.

Revised 7/16/2008