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7.4 Directions for Evaluating Supplement B (Short Form)

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering Training and Experience Examinations

Review the duties and minimum qualifications set forth in the class specification. Transfer from the class specification to the Legend of the Rating Sheet the minimum acceptable qualifications. For the short form, use Rating of Training and Experience for Service, Agricultural, and Trade Classes (Blue paper).

For each job for which credit may be allowed, the number of years and months allowable shall be clearly marked in the left-hand margin.

EXAMPLE: Applicant has six years and four months of experience; in the left-hand margin by the job description, the rater shall mark 6-4.

If the job listed has some qualifying aspect, such as half-time, part-time, or only remote relationship, the amount of credit (½, ¼, etc.) shall be stated and the reason for allowing partial credit clearly indicated.

EXAMPLE: Six years, 4 months of experience: 6-4    (½ credit) = 3-2
or three years, 2 months allowable credit.

If a block of experience is of no value for the class or if insufficient information has been given in the description of the work, the block shall be marked NV (no value) in the left-hand margin.
When all the blocks have been evaluated, transfer to the rating sheet the dates (the years and
months) of allowable experience.

Total the years and months of allowable experience.

Deduct from this total any requirement listed in the Legend of the Rating Sheet, as copied from the
class specification. If a Request for Prior Approval of Compensatory Qualification(s) for Examination form has been approved, make additional deduction in accordance with the compensating factors.

After all deductions have been made, the resulting difference shall be the total amount of experience for which the applicant may receive credit-up to a maximum of twelve years.

In computing the score, note that for Supplement B (Short Form), twelve years is the maximum amount of related experience to be allowed, and that this is evaluated as follows: first five years at three points, next four years at two points, and the next three years at one point.

The experience is evaluated on this graduated scale to give highest credit to that experience which is the most valuable to the class concerned, and to credit the most recent experience.

Additional credit, not to exceed four points, may be allowed for outstanding responsibilities, work, training courses, or quantities of experience over and above the twelve years evaluated. An explanation shall be given for any additional credit allowed.

NOTE: This additional credit DOES NOT include veterans preference points.

Issued 1/1/1999