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5.15 Completing Data on System Answer Sheet

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering and Scoring Examinations

The applicant and monitor shall use a No. 2 lead pencil to record information on the System Answer Sheet. (Exceptions are indicated in instructions.) Marks shall not extend beyond the spaces indicated, shall cover the entire middle section of the space, and shall be dark enough for scanner reading. Erasures shall be carefully made, torn edges mended, and smudges or spots avoided. Whiteout can be used if necessary.

On side 2 (side used for answering questions such as multiple-choice or true-false), applicant's signature is required in the space provided next to applicant's signature. Next to class title: write or print the classification title of examination not the class code number. The monitor shall verify correctness. If incorrect, the applicant shall be requested to change the title.

Boxes on side 1 (side used for identification and score information) must be filled in with corresponding spaces blackened for all examinations administered.

BOX 1 (Applicant's Name): Applicant's name is to be filled in, last name first.

BOX 2 (Examination Number): Print and mark the assigned examination number. See Section on Assignment of Examination Numbers in this chapter.

BOX 3 (Age): Applicant shall be requested to enter present age in this box. The information will be used for study purposes only. If this information cannot be obtained, 0 MUST be marked.

BOX 4 (Social Security Number): Social Security Number of applicant shall be provided in this space.

BOX 5 (Test Form Information Required): In skills key portion, check whether A, B, C, or D is used.

    A C  

When a different form is used for a typing examination than is used for a stenographic examination, mark as follows: t for typing and s for stenographic as shown below.


In written key portion, in A, the monitor shall enter the code which identifies the scoring key used to score the test in Test Section A. In B, the scoring key code for the Test Section B shall be recorded. The same applies for C and D if applicable.

BOX 6 (Exam Type): Mark ORIG. or PROM. for correct exam type.

BOX 7 (Rewrite): Mark YES if the examination is a rewrite and NO if it is not a rewrite.

BOX 8 (VET PREF): Mark YES or NO for Veterans Preference.

BOX 9 (SB): MUST be marked 00.

BOX 10 (Exam Score): Exam score (rounded) without VP shall be entered in the appropriate space. P or F (indicating passing or failing scores) shall be marked in the first column. For example, if the applicant has a passing examination score of 79.20, the rounded score is 79.00 and Box 10 should be marked P079.

BOX 11 (Register Score): Register score (rounded) shall be entered in the appropriate space. VP points shall be included in this score, if applicable. P or F (indicating passing or failing scores) shall be marked in the first column. For example, if the applicant has a passing exam score of 93, has VP (3), the register score is 96. Enter P096 in Box 11 (P093 in Box 10).


For examinations consisting of one or more subtests, the following rules apply:

For a single written (multiple-choice) test, use Section A on side 2 of the System Answer Sheet and place the score in Box 12. For the computations test, a score of 40 correct answers at 1 point each shall be recorded as 040.00. The score for 35 correct answers at 2 points each shall be recorded as 070.00 in Box 12.

Consult EXAMINING INSTRUMENTS BY CLASS to determine specific boxes in which scores are to be recorded for an examination consisting of two or more written (multiple-choice) tests.

For examinations including a Training and Experience and/or Modified Education and Experience form, the T/E or Modified E/E score is always to be recorded in Box 16 (T/E). Do not record percentage scores. Add the basic score to the Modified E/E score and record as such.

Oral Board (or Elongated Oral Board) score is normally recorded in Box 17. If there are two Oral Boards, the second shall be recorded in Box 18. This does not apply to JOB ELEMENT Oral Board Examinations.

BOX 18 Record WPM score. (Typing)

BOX 19 Record stenographic speed. (Steno)

The name of the examination element shall be written in red ink next to the designation of the test section on side 2. (Example: knowledge, observation)

BOX 20 (JOB ELEMENT Ratings): When a JOB ELEMENT examination is administered, record the point value earned for each element on the rating sheet corresponding to the columns in Box 20.

BOX 21 (Education): The monitor shall use the educational level indicated on the register information or as otherwise provided to determine the correct number to mark on the System Answer Sheet. Record the highest year completed by the applicant using the following chart.

    Under 8 years completed 0
    Grade 8 completed 1
    Grades 9 through 12 2
    High School graduation or GED earned 3
    First or second year of college/vocational/technical school completed (30-60 semester hours) 4
    Third or fourth year of college/vocational/technical school completed (90 plus semester hours) 5
    Bachelor's Degree earned 6
    Master's Degree earned 7
    Doctoral Degree 8

BOX 22 (Sex): Mark--M for male; F for female.

BOX 23 (Ethnic Group): Designate the ethnic background of the applicant as follows:

    Box 23 Ethnicity
    AI American Indian or Alaskan Natives. Persons having origins in any of the original peoples of South, Central, or North America and who maintain cultural identification through tribal affiliation as community recognition.
    W White (Caucasians) other than Hispanic. Persons having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.
    B Black or African American (not of Hispanic origin). All persons having origins in any of the black racial groups.
    A Asian, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander. Persons having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian Sub-continent, or the Pacific Islands. The area includes or may not be limited to, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippine Islands and Samoa.
    H Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin. All persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.
    O Other racial or ethic groups.

If applicant does not complete this box and the information is not available, this data may be obtained by visual survey or by requesting information from the applicant.

To comply with Federal Government requirements that all tests be studied to assure that there is no built in racial bias, show ethnic group identification on the information forwarded directly to the System Office. The Employer shall not maintain a copy.

BOX 24 (Examination Date): Enter date on which examination is administered. For example, April 1, 1998 would be entered as 040198.

BOX 25 (Occupational Area): Record occupational area code number listed in EXAMINING INSTRUMENTS BY CLASS.

BOX 26 (Class Code) Record classification specifications code number for examination as listed in EXAMINING INSTRUMENTS BY CLASS.

Record lifted scores information in the space provided.

Issued 1/1/1999