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The University Civil Service Merit Board (Merit Board) for the State Universities Civil Service System (University System) invites nominations and applications for the position of Executive Director. The University System is legislatively authorized to develop, maintain, and administer a comprehensive and efficient program of human resource administration for the Illinois higher education community. The Executive Director is the primary administrator for the University System in all operational aspects and reports directly to the Merit Board. The University System has jurisdiction over approximately 20,000 status civil service employees, approximately 4,500 non-status employees, and approximately 23,000 student employees throughout the State of Illinois. The University System also establishes criteria, and monitors activity, for the exemption of positions from statutory authority at each place of employment. The University System office, under the leadership of the Executive Director, ensures that the various university and affiliated employers appropriately implement and fulfill their obligations under the State Universities Civil Service Act, and corresponding administrative code and procedures.

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Classification Plan Updates

  • Police Corporal
  • Library Series
  • Athletic Facilities Series
  • Archaeology Series
  • Family Planning Nurse Practitioner
  • Special Interest Topics

    Annual Report
    63rd Annual Report

    On behalf of the State Universities Civil Service System, we respectfully submit our 63rd Annual Report. This Report provides an overview of our business operations, our many programs and initiatives, and a brief description of our FY 2015 agency action plan. Our business objectives remain consistent with our statutory directive, our mission, and our purpose. This Report again demonstrates our commitment and effort to incorporate many 'best practice' human resource concepts into our operational procedures and to modernize the overall delivery of human resource services to the State of Illinois public university system.

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    Legal Updates

    Special Interest TopicsUNIV CIVIL SERVICE-RULE OF 3

    Amends the State Universities Civil Service Act. In provisions concerning appointments and promotions, changes references from the Director of the University Civil Service Merit Board to the Executive Director of the University Civil Service Merit Board. Provides that if a position needs to be filled, the Executive Director shall certify to the employer the names and addresses of the persons with the 3 highest scores on the appropriate register (instead of the names and addresses of the 3 persons standing highest on the appropriate register); makes related changes. Provides that if a superior position in the promotional line is to be filled, the Executive Director shall certify to the employer, in the order of their seniority, the names and addresses of the persons with the 3 highest scores on the appropriate promotional register (instead of the names and addresses of the 3 persons standing highest upon the appropriate promotional register). Removes language that provides that sex shall be disregarded except when the nature of the position requires otherwise.


    Civil Service Spotlight

    Melanie Schoenborn
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Melanie Schoenborn, Bindery Manager in Library and Information Services (LIS), is the recipient of the March Employee Recognition Award. Melanie was nominated by Lynnette Fields, Director of Technical Services in Library and Information Services.

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    University News

    This Illinois Longitudinal Data System (“LDS”) Annual Report & Plan provides the first update to the Inaugural Annual Report & Plan adopted by the LDS Governing Board on April 4, 2014.

    Why have we not cured the diseases we call cancer after decades of intensive research? How much progress have we made? What is “precision” or “personalized” medicine, and how does it apply...

    While it may seem like an eternity from now, the start of the fall semester will be here before we know it. Departments from across Northeastern Illinois University will come together June 30...

    Job Postings

    Admissions/Records Specialist II
    This position processes all classifications of undergraduate students that are submitted to the University. There is much public contact with prospective students and their families through e-mail, ph...

    Assistant Chef
    Campus Dining Services (CDS) is committed to providing an outstanding dining experience for students, faculty, staff, and guests. This position plays an integral role in accomplishing this goal by ass...

    Data Modeler
    The Data Modeler is responsible for coordinating and facilitating enterprise data modeling. The Data Modeler will develop relational and dimensional data models based on the business needs analysis. S...