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12 mo.
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Admissions and Records Associate

Function of Job

Employees in positions within this classification perform duties involved in the coordination and administration of student admissions, records, and/or registration department(s). A(n) Admissions and Records Associate interacts with a wide variety of internal and external constituents regarding admissions, records, and/or registration functions. While operating with a high level of autonomy and independent decision-making, they work under the general supervision of a designated administrator(s).

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

A(n) Admissions and Records Associate typically -

  1. performs specialized admissions, records, and/or registration functions related to an area of specialization;
  2. facilitates and/or oversees admissions, activities and/or programs within the admissions, records, and/or registration department(s);
  3. acts as a technical and/or administrative resource; represents the department(s) at various meetings, conferences, and/or on committees;
  4. develops, provides, and manages data analyses and reports for administrative purposes;
  5. contributes to strategy development and/or long-term planning of admissions, records, and/or registration department(s);
  6. ensures compliance with departmental, institutional and government regulatory guidelines;
  7. organizes and oversees research into trends and developments relevant to the field; monitors and distributes information regarding trends or developments related to admissions, records, and/or registration functions;
  8. participates in the development, implementation, and interpretation of departmental policies and procedures;
  9. participates in facilitating and/or regulating financial activities such as budget development and/or fiscal management;
  10. performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications


  1. Bachelor’s degree in business, communication, education, humanities, public relations, social sciences, or a field related to the position.
  2. Two (2) years (24 months) of professional work experience in admissions, records, registration, and/or closely related experience within an educational setting.

    (NOTE: A Master’s Degree in an area consistent with the duties of the position may be substituted for one (1) year (12 months) of work experience.)

  3. Based on position requirements, additional education, training, and/or work experience in the area of specialization inherent to the position may be required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs)

  1. Knowledge of academic, departmental, institutional, and/or government laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures related to student admissions, records, and/or registration functions.
  2. Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service.
  3. Knowledge of electronic equipment, computer hardware and software, and their applications.
  4. Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership techniques, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.
  5. Ability to identify measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance, relative to the requirements of the system.
  6. Ability to work and exercise judgment independently in order to be able to analyze and investigate a variety of questions or problems.
  7. Ability to conceptualize, organize, analyze, and interpret data, complex rules, and regulations to resolve difficult situations.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively for the needs of the audience.
  9. Ability to interpret work related documents, policies, and procedures.
  10. Ability to exercise discretion in handling sensitive and confidential information.