Class Code:
Occupational Area:
Work Area:
Social Services
Probationary Period:
6 mo.
Effective Date:
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Extension Program Coordinator

Function of Job

Under general supervision, implements assigned educational programs that are designed to foster the acquisition of knowledge and the development of individuals and communities.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

A(n) Extension Program Coordinator typically -

  1. identifies critical priority needs and issues, with the assistance of other staff, to be addressed through Extension programs.
  2. facilitates the planning of educational activities in an assigned area in conjunction with other staff and volunteers.
  3. assists with the development of marketing plans and goals to recruit participants for educational activities; develops advertising and publicity for the activities.
  4. develops plans to involve volunteers in specific educational activities, which includes recruitment and training.
  5. networks and/or collaborates with appropriate designated organizations and groups to assess needs and develops educational activities to address those needs.
  6. coordinates the logistics and activities for specific program-related tasks, such as travel arrangements, food, equipment, facilities and other supplies.
  7. assists in formulating and insuring the implementation of standard operating procedures for program activities, including guidelines to insure the safety and welfare of participants.
  8. disseminates educational information provided by Extension professionals.
  9. conducts the evaluation of program activities and recommends continuation, modification, or discontinuance of the program.
  10. participates in staff development and professional development opportunities.
  11. works with staff and volunteers to collect, process and maintain program records and data.
  12. submits activity reports and program reports.
  13. assists with the development and maintenance of programmatic support for the implementation of activities and related services.
  14. complies with all Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity policies and and guidelines in all aspects of Extension work; assists Unit staff with data collection for Affirmative Action, Gender, and Targeted reports.
  15. performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications


  • High school graduation or GED
  • Any one or any combination that equals four (4) years/ 48 months of responsible volunteer or professional work experience in coordinating educational and/or community programs or activities
    • Volunteer/work experience coordinating educational and/or community programs or activities
    • College coursework in any field of study
      • 60 semester hours equals two (2) years (24 months)
      • 90 semester hours equals three (3) years (36 months)
      • 120 semester hours or more equals four (4) years (48 months)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs)

  1. Strong written and oral communication skills
  2. Skill in collaborating with diverse audiences (ethnicity, socioeconomic, ages)
  3. Ability to work effectively with others individually and in groups
  4. Ability to work as a member of a team
  5. Ability to independently organize and prioritize work
  6. Ability to compile, organize, and maintain complex files, records, and/or reports
  7. Ability to learn marketing/promotion techniques for program activities
  8. Ability to use Windows-based computer applications, standard office, presentation and communications equipment
  9. Ability to coordinate the work of others in a team environment