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Practice Typing Test

Several of our classifications require a successful typing test in order to pass the knowledge test. For those classifications, you can now take a 5 minute practice test to familiarize yourself with the program and also gauge your speed.

We have also developed a new Silverlight Typing Test that will replace the current Java typing test. For now, both of these are available until the Java version is completely phased out.

Practice Tests


Frequently Asked Questions about the Silverlight Typing Program

Q: What do I need for the Silverlight Typing Test?

A. You will need the Silverlight Plug-In for your browser. Click this Microsoft link (Microsoft Silverlight) to have your computer checked for the latest version of Silverlight. You will be prompted to install it if necessary. Silverlight is a free download.

Q: Why does the Silverlight test not work in the Chrome browser?

A. At the end of 2014, Google ended support of the Silverlight plug-in. The Chrome browser will not allow the Silverlight plug-in to function.

Q: What is the latest version of the Silverlight Typing Test?

A. The latest version is v10.21.2012 7.00. When you click on the practice test and this version does not appear in the bottom-right hand corner, you need to delete the history/cache of your web browser.

Q: Why can't I correct a word after I have advanced beyond it?

A. The purpose of the typing test is to not only test speed, but to test accuracy as well.

Q: Why do I have to type the red-underlined word? Why can't the entire line be underlined, or not underline anything at all.

A. The red-underlined word indicates what must be typed for accuracy in grading. The red-underlined word indicates one of the units of measurement utilized in calculating the speed as you progress through the exam.

Q. Why is there a clock counting down the time? This can be distracting.

A. An additional advantage of a web-based typing program means that Testing Monitors do not need to worry about keeping track of the time. This will allow the Testing Monitors to focus on other responsibilities and is a similar feature found in all of our electronic tests.

Q: If I put a space before a period or a comma, why does it count as a mistake on the previous word?

A. Punctuation is recognized as a continuation of the previous word. For example, in the phrase "sought to describe, the applicant", "describe," is considered to be one word and graded accordingly.

Q: I was still confused after the instructions as to how the test would work.

A. Because some people may not understand the instructions, and others will not be comfortable with the format of the test, two warmup sessions are required in real testing situations to make sure that applicants are comfortable and familiar with the requirements of the test and the interface.

We also have a practice version available above under Demos. Feel free to practice as many times as needed.

Q: What classifications require a typing test?

  • Admissions/Records Specialist I, II
  • Ambulatory Care Aide I, II
  • Clerical Assistant, Clerk, Chief Clerk, Staff Clerk, Administrative Clerk
  • Human Resource Assistant, Representative
  • Medical Staff Services Specialist I, II
  • Office Support Series (Assistant, Associate, Specialist, Manager, Administrator)
  • Patient Unit Clerk I, II
  • Police Telecommunicator
  • Printing Production Assistant
  • Public Safety Telecommunicator
  • Routing Dispatcher I, II
  • Television Broadcast Equipment Operator