Class Code:††††††††††††††††††††††††† 5030

Occ. Area:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 01

Prob. Period:†††††††††††††††††††† 12 mo.

Prom. Line:†††††††††††††††††††††††† None

Effective Date††††††††††††††† 10/01/03




Functional Narrative


These positions have the responsibility of managing specific groups of workers within an Information Technology (IT) area, department or division and act as a liaison to senior management.† This includes defining projects, prioritizing activities, managing human resources, defining resource needs to the group for senior management, participating in the planning process and providing the resources for staff to accomplish assigned tasks.† These positions also actively assist staff with projects and other activities at an operational level.


Duties may include assessing policy needs and developing policies to govern IT specific functions, along with providing policy guidance to IT management, staff and customers.† Also included may be coordinating reviews of IT functions and processes to determine policy priorities, providing input for the development and maintenance of strategic plans, defining current and future business environments, providing input and/or preparing IT budgets, and identifying and addressing IT work force issues, such as, recruitment, retention, and training.


* The specific area of information technology to be managed or directed is to be used to classify these positions.† Examples of such types of service include Communication Services, Customer Support, Data Management, Information Technology, Network Services, Applications Development, Systems Administration, Operations Support, and Web Services.†


An additional title identifier must also be used in conjunction with the classification (i.e., Computer Programming, Telecommunications, Networking, etc.)



Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities


Technological Expertise

Responsible for technical expertise in designated area such as:

●††††† computer programming

●††††† database administration

††† network administration

††† telecommunications

††† customer support and services

††† other designated specialty


Defines the overall objectives of the area or department or division by interpreting the technology needs of the university


Develop policies and procedures related to functional area




Provides input on the development and management of the budgeting process and allocates resources


Approves and provides the necessary resources for the completion of projects and tasks by assigned staff


Works with staff to determine resources needed to accomplish assigned tasks and to resolve related problems



Strategic Planning

Provides input and actively participates in the development and maintenance of strategic plans


Determines future operational needs




Determines staffing needs


Assigns tasks to staff


Monitors the progress and direction of assigned tasks and makes corrections as needed


Determines training needs and provides training opportunities for staff



Customer Service

Defines the services provided by the area or department


Provides assistance and solutions in response to customer needs


Develops projects to meet the objectives defined by university/agency administration



Additional Related Duties

Develops presentations on current and future plans or services


Makes product and vendor recommendations


Performs other related duties as assigned



Minimum Acceptable Qualifications

Credentials to be Verified


1.   Any combination totaling six years from the following categories:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


a)      progressively more responsible work experience in IT-related profession† †††††††††††


b)      college course work with a concentration in Information Technology (IT), IT Management, or a closely related discipline, as measured by the following conversion table or its proportional equivalent:††††††


●† 60 semester hours or Associateís Degree equals one year

●† 90 semester hours equals two years

●† 120 semester hours or Bachelorís Degree equals three years

(Note: Only a maximum of 3 years credit for college course work is available.)


2.   Two (2) years of total work experience in a supervisory or lead worker capacity.†††††††


Note:† As required by the position to be filled, additional education, training and/or work experience in an area of specialization inherent in the position may be necessary in meeting credential requirements.



Personal Attributes Needed to Undertake Job


1.            Excellent oral and written communications skills


2.            Knowledge of the systems and operations used within the areas and departments of responsibility


3.            Ability to oversee and coordinate activities of assigned staff


4.            Ability to effectively communicate with other colleagues, supervisors, administrative staff, and other campus/agency units


5.            Ability to identify and resolve technical and personnel problems


6.            Ability to effectively communicate and professionally interact with all staff levels