Spec. Code:    4797(3290)

                                                                                                                     Occ. Area:                  02

                                                                                                                     Work Area:                078

                                                                                                                     Prob. Period:           6 mo.

                                                                                                                     Prom Line:               none

                                                                                                                     Effective Date:   09/30/94






Function of Job

Under general supervision from a designated athletic supervisor, to issue, receive, and assist in ensuring the proper fit of football equipment used in intercollegiate athletics; to launder practice and competition uniforms; and to perform other duties associated with the repair and cleaning of all intercollegiate athletics equipment.


Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities


1.      issues and receives equipment according to athletic conference and NCAA guidelines


2.      assists with or performs routine fitting and maintenance of specific athletic equipment, such as:


          (a)   football helmets


                 --inserting properly sized front and neck liners


                 --adjusting chin strip


                 --using proper lubricant when inflating air bladder inside helmet


                 --examining interior and exterior of helmet for cracks to shell


                 --being aware of foam compression and deterioration


                 --being aware of required procedures in fitting athletic equipment


          (b)   shoulder pads


                 --inspecting interior and exterior of pads for cracks in plastic

                   or arches


                 --inspecting hardware and rivets


                 --inspecting cantilever springs


                 --being aware of body foam decompression


                 --taking proper shoulder and chest measurements


                 --protecting A. C. joints


                 --properly attaching neck rolls, restrictions, rib and back pads


3.      inspects equipment (such as apparatus for gymnastics [ring and high bar grips], track wrestling, volleyball and tennis [net repairs], and correct locations of padding on football blocking sleds) and removes from service those found to be defective or unsafe; may perform or se­cure repairs or replacement of equipment


4.      performs detailed record keeping of equipment and uniforms for student athletes and maintains related inventory to comply with athletic conference and university guidelines


5.      soaks, spot cleans, and/or hand scrubs practice and competition uniforms using specific chemicals and detergents


6.      operates industrial sized washers and dryers and performs minor gen­eral maintenance/repairs on equipment as necessary


7.      maintains lockers/locker rooms; secures equipment, rooms, and contents from unauthorized personnel


8.      loads and unloads equipment for transportation to “away” events


 9.     operates large diesel trucks for transporting equipment to remote events


10.    performs other related duties as assigned



Minimum Acceptable Qualifications 




1.      three years of experience in the repair and maintenance of athletic equipment and uniforms at the high school or college level


2.      possession of a valid driver’s license as required by the State of Illinois for the type of motor vehicle(s) to be operated by the incumbent




1.      detailed knowledge of specific equipment and their uses in individual sports


2.      knowledge of general standards and safety regulations for athletic equipment


3.      ability to learn rules and regulations regarding equipment for student athletes as prescribed by specific intercollegiate athletic conferences


4.      knowledge of commercial/institutional laundry operations, equipment capabilities, and maintenance requirements


5.      knowledge of current laundry industry techniques, processes, and supplies


6.      knowledge of cleaning agents and buffing procedures for helmets


7.      knowledge of shall preparation for painting of helmets


8.      skill in the operation of the following machines:


                    --sewing machines (straight stitch, zig-zag, darner, leather



                    --football helmet polisher and buffer


                    --rivet machine for shoulder pads and selected die cuts


                    --metal grinder


                    --ball air inflater


9.      skill in the operation of motor vehicle(s) required by the position


10.    ability to move heavy travel cases, bags, and additional equipment






















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