Spec Code:               4671

                                                                                                                     Occ. Area:                  02

                                                                                                                     Work Area:                211

                                                                                                                     Prob. Period:           6 mo.

                                                                                                                     Prom. Line:              none

                                                                                                                     Effective Date:   03/10/87






Function of Job

Under general supervision, to create and produce information programming for a radio station (such as news and public affairs programs) and to supervise persons providing support in the information programming area.


Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities


1.      anchors, produces, and/or supervises the production of information programming (such as newscasts, news magazines, interviews, or discussion programs)


2.      attends and reports on news events as warranted


3.      supervises staff members assigned to the information programming area


4.      develops programming that meets specific community needs for current events or special interest issues


5.      coordinates the submission of materials to networks, stations, and other program distributors


6.      performs related duties as assigned



Minimum Acceptable Qualifications




1.      any one or any combination of the following types of preparation:


                    (a)      credit for college course work leading to a major in journalism, communications, or a closely related field


                    (b)      credit for college course work leading to a major in field other than those described in “a” above


                    (c)      full-time professional work experience in broadcast journalism


                 that totals 1.0 unit according to the following conversion rates:


                    120 semester hours (or Bachelor s degree) of “a” = 1.0 unit


                    120 semester hours (or Bachelor’s degree) of “b” = 0.67 unit maximum[1]


                    3 years of “c” = 1.0 unit­


Amounts of training or experience less than those listed above should be converted to decimal equivalents of 1.0 unit and added together when computing combinations of the different types of preparation.


2.      two years of full-time professional work experience in broadcast journalism in addition to the training/ experience required in #1 above




1.      knowledge of on-air radio broadcast practices


2.      skill in writing, producing, announcing, and editing radio news and public affairs programs


3.      skill in the operation of radio studio equipment


4.      ability to supervise assigned personnel


5.      freedom from speech impediments that would prohibit performance of job


















Broadcast News Specialist.......................................................................................................... NEW


[1]That is, up to 2/3 (or approximately 0.67 unit) of the total preparation required to satisfy requirement #1 may be this type of college training. The balance must be supplied by one or more of the types of preparation listed above.