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4.9 Demotion

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Other Employment Transactions

When an employee is demoted, the Employer files a Notice of Demotion with the Merit Board and serves a copy of the notice to the employee. See Example 4.9a. The Employer also must issue a new Notice of Appointment (as used by the Employer). A demotion is subject to the same Rules and proceedings as a Discharge. See Section 5 – Separation Procedures.

Such actions shall not be considered a demotion when initiated or willingly accepted by the employee. The employee shall be required to pass the Civil Service examination for the new class. Documentation shall be kept at the place of employment.

The Notice of Demotion –

  1. shall designate the position and class to which the employee is being demoted and factually state the causes justifying demotion. The effective date of the demotion shall be the date of service of the Notice of Demotion to the employee. And
  2. must be served either personally to the employee or sent by certified mail. A statement as to the kind of service shall be included on the Notice of Demotion.

If the demotion is to a position in a class in which the employee has not previously been employed or is not currently on the register for, the employee must take and pass the Civil Service examination and serve the required probationary period.

Reference Civil Service Rule 250.110(f)
Revised 8/20/2014