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4.8 Disciplinary Suspension

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Other Employment Transactions

A disciplinary suspension is imposed by the Employer. The Employer issues a Disciplinary Suspension Notice, which must give the SPECIFIC reason(s) for suspension, and the beginning and termination dates of the period of suspension. See Example 4.8a.

The effective date of a disciplinary suspension shall commence on the time and date of service of a written notice of disciplinary suspension. The official form may be served subsequently if it becomes necessary to remove an employee immediately from a work assignment. A written statement by the appropriate supervisor stating for example, "You are hereby given a disciplinary suspension from your position as ______________________________________________, effective ______(Time)_______________ ____________(Date)____________,
BY ______________(Name)_______________________________

An official form which verifies this notice will be filed on you as soon as it can be prepared and signed", would be an acceptable interim written notice in emergency situations.

Enter appropriate information in employment records.

Reference Civil Service Rule 250.110(d)
Issued 1/1/1999