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4.5 Transfer of State Employees to University System as a Result of Administrative Transfer of Organization

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Other Employment Transactions

In accordance with Section 36q of the Statute, it is the policy of the System that no individual employee shall lose status through being transferred to the System.

  • Classifications are determined by the Employer based upon job descriptions and qualifications.
  • Notices of employment are issued to each individual.
  • If former service was sufficient to have provided for a probationary period as required under the System, no examination will be required.
  • If former service did not provide for completion of a probationary period, a "qualifying" examination (usually evaluation of training and experience) is required, the employee is certified to position from register and completes length of service necessary for completion of probationary period.
  • When applicable, a notice of employment would indicate authority for transfer such as "transfer to the University of _________________________ from ________________________ effective ________________________________ (date), in accordance with House / Senate Bill # ________________________ approved by Governor on _________________________ (date) (or Executive Order # ________________, dated _____________________) (if appropriate) and in accordance with provisions of Section 36q of the Statute creating the State Universities Civil Service System."
  • If a University System class is not available which reflects the duties and responsibilities assigned to a transferred employee, the Employer shall recommend a new class specification (or the revision of an existing class) to the System for approval.
  • Unlike State employees seeking transfer to positions within the University System, employees of organizations administratively transferred from Personnel Code coverage to University System coverage (such as the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary transfer to the University of Illinois-Chicago) retain seniority in the class employed from the date of original employment in the class.

Resignation (See Separation Procedures – Section 5.1) (Reference Civil Service Rule 250.110(a))

Issued 1/1/1999