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4.2 Temporary Downgrading and Upgrading Assignments

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Other Employment Transactions

Downgrading and upgrading assignments shall be limited to filling vacancies due to absence of incumbents or when it is necessary because of agreements which require a supervisory employee for a special work assignment or project. The employee so assigned shall be able to perform all the duties and to assume all of the responsibilities of the assignment. Upgrading is not required when the employee performs only certain duties and/or assumes only partial responsibility for the overall duties of the position to which assigned.

Downgrading and upgrading assignments do not affect seniority rights and benefits given by the Employer to the status employee who is on leave from a Status Appointment while serving the Employer in a position of higher or lower level responsibility.

Reference Civil Service Rule 250.100(b)
Issued 1/1/1999