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3.3 Contract Appointments

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Status Appointments

Contract Appointments are considered Status Civil Service Appointments. Contract Appointments are positions assigned work and performed at a location away from the primary premises or immediate environs of the employer.  Official class titles shall be used for Contract Appointments.

The Executive Director, with advice from the DER and the employing department, shall determine that a position is a Contract Appointment.  The DER shall submit a formal request for consideration and approval of each position to be a Contract Appointment.  See Form 3.3a, Request to Establish Contract Appointment.  Once a position has been approved as a Contract Appointment, the employer is allowed to employ others in duplicate positions without prior approval.  The University System office shall be notified of all candidates assigned to an approved Contract Appointment.

The DER shall maintain a written record of examination which shall show an evaluation of the applicant's qualifications based on a review of the application form and results of an interview between the applicant and an appropriate member of the DER's staff.  No examination papers written by candidates for positions approved as Contract Appointments shall be sent to the University System office.

All incumbents with Contract Appointments shall receive notices of employment, with position control numbers assigned.  Such notices must be clearly marked:  CONTRACT APPOINTMENT

Incumbents in Contract Appointments are not eligible for transfer to other positions (except other Contract Appointments in the same class at the same location) and are not eligible for promotional examinations.

Rates of pay for employees under Contract Appointments shall be reported to the University System office.

Employees under Contract Appointments serve a probationary period and are subject to the Rules and proceedings related to separation as Status employees.  See Sections 6.1, Probationary Period and 6.2, Service and Seniority Accrual of the Employment and Separation Procedures Manual.

Reference Civil Service rule 250.80(b)
Revised 8/20/2014