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7.5 Post Approval Review Process

Manual: Employment and Separation Procedures

Subsection: Demonstration Projects or Pilot/Study Programs

At least annually, or as determined by the Executive Director, the employer’s project/program evaluator will meet with the Executive Director of the University System office to determine if the program is being implemented as designed. The employer’s project/program evaluator will be responsible for developing an annual interim written report. The interim project/program evaluation will be shared with the members of the Merit Board. The evaluation shall include the following:

  1. Any modifications that have occurred;
  2. A statistical assessment of the project/program including how well the project/program has been accomplishing its intended purpose, has been meeting the established performance measures, and if it has been contributing to a positive change in the business process and/or work environment;
  3. A description of numbers and types of employees who have been participating in the project/program;
  4. A summary of employees' reactions to the program/program, including feedback from participating employees, managers, supervisors, and others involved;
  5. A description of barriers encountered in implementing the project/program.

At the expiration of the project/program, the employer's evaluator will compile and analyze all pertinent data and submit a formal report along with supporting documentation to the Executive Director of the University System that will be shared with the members of the Merit Board.

The project/program will be subject to the regularly scheduled audits of the University System office audit team.

At any time that the Merit Board may determine that the project/program is not meeting legal, regulatory or project/program plan requirements, it may direct the employer to take corrective action or terminate the project/program.

At no time will the employment status of an employee hired through a project/program be affected by the evaluation or continuation of a project/program. All provisions of the Act and Code not subject to waiver will remain in effect during the course of the project program.

(Reference 80 Ill. Adm. Code §250.140(e))
New 7/16/2008