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6.4 Merit Board Review

Manual: Exemption Procedures

Subsection: Accountability for Exemption Authorization

Attempts to reconcile compliance issues will always be approached by the University System office and the Merit Board in a spirit of collaboration.  An employer’s self-disclosure of possible noncompliance issues and good faith effort to take corrective or remedial action will not be used as a basis for any punitive action by the University System office or the Merit Board. 

Upon the recommendation of the Executive Director, or upon its own initiative, the Merit Board may review noncompliance issues revealed through biennial employer audits and quarterly exemption reports. The University System office and/or Merit Board review of exemption concerns may include any action as deemed necessary to properly evaluate and reconcile the issue(s).

(Reference section 36e of the Act (110 ILCS 70/36e)
Issued 6/1/2009