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6.3 System Office Review

Manual: Exemption Procedures

Subsection: Accountability for Exemption Authorization

The Audit and Advisory Services division of the University system office will audit selected exempt positions as a regular part of their biennial audit of each University System employer.  Their audit testing analysis will compare the duties contained in the position description, and performed by employees in the selected positions, against the specifications contained in the Standard Job Titles and other available classifications in the civil service classification plan system.  If it is noted that significant changes have occurred in job content, suggesting a revision to the position description and corresponding employment designation, the University System employer will be requested to make appropriate corrections as described in the audit findings.

As a means of helping insure the maintenance of position changes, University System employers shall establish and implement a cyclic review program wherein position descriptions for all exempt positions are reviewed by the University System employer for currency of job content and title no less often than once every three years.  Exemption status changes  discovered as a result of this review shall promptly be corrected and reported to the University System Office. 

In this respect, biennial compliance audits of University System employers will include, but not be limited to;

  • Comprehensive review of position descriptions
  • Compliance with statutory and procedural criteria for exemptions
  • Adequacy and thoroughness of related employment procedures
  • Adequacy of internal review and approval processes
  • Thoroughness and accuracy of quarterly reporting requirements
  • Any other associated special interest items

The University System office will provide training and advice on exemption issues and questions as requested.

In order to assist the Audit and Advisory Services Section of the University System office in their periodic reviews of exempt positions, employers are encouraged to utilize the following Position Description form, see Form 6.3a

(Reference section 36e of the Act (110 ILCS 70/36e)
Issued 6/1/2009