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6.2 Internal Review

Manual: Exemption Procedures

Subsection: Accountability for Exemption Authorization

Accountability for exemption authorization consists of the following components:

Internal Review Process – an internal position review process that will ensure efficient management of the exemption authorization process.  This should include a detailed description of the internal oversight, training, review and approval, and recordkeeping components of the employer’s exemption process.  The internal review process must indicate that exemption requests are to be reviewed and approved by the DER, or by another delegated position with the appropriate authority provided such delegation is in writing.  

Training Process – training for those human resource professionals who are responsible for implementing the employer’s exemption authorization process.  This should include training for any administrators or employees who will prepare or approve exemption requests for employer approval.

Internal  Assessment Process – a cyclic review program wherein all exempt positions are reviewed by the employer for currency of job content and title no less often than once every three years.  Job changes of exempted positions discovered as a result of this review should be corrected immediately.  However, any job change that would interfere with a contractual relationship would not take effect until the expiration of the contractual term and prior to the contractual renewal date. 

Data Report – a database of exempted positions consisting of position number, position title, exemption category, position FTE, exemption approval date or appointment date, funding source(appropriated or non-appropriated), and any prior Civil Service position title and date of Civil Service appointment.  The data report need not duplicate other human resource reports that are submitted to the University System office that may contain the same information.  Employers are also required to submit a quarterly headcount report (see Example 7.1b) to the Executive Director of the University System office along with a detailed data snapshot of exemptions as described above.

(Reference section 36e of the Act (110 ILCS 70/36e(3))
Issued 6/1/2009