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6.1 Accountability Program

Manual: Exemption Procedures

Subsection: Accountability for Exemption Authorization

Although the Merit Board retains the statutory authority to approve exemptions, most specifically 36e(3) Principal Administrative Appointments (PAA), this authority has been procedurally delegated to the Designated Employer Representative (DER) appointed at each University System employer.  As a result of the delegation of exemption authority to DERs, the Executive Director of the University System is responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory and procedural guidelines in this respect, as required by section 250.130(a) of the Code.  Accountability for the delegated exemption authorization includes three components, an internal review by the University System employer that includes a quarterly report submitted by each University System employer to the Executive Director, an external review by the University System office that includes a biennial audit process, and Merit Board review and corrective or remedial action, if necessary. 

The concept of accountability as captured in this accountability procedure is not intended to add another layer of process or procedure requirements for University System employers.  Each University system employer must be able to design its exemption process to fit its unique circumstances.  Accordingly, current exemption procedures, designed and implemented by University System employers intending to ensure compliance with statutory exemption authority, will be deemed to be in compliance with this procedure.

Consequently, the role of the University System office is one of oversight through audits and review of data through quarterly reports submitted by each University System employer.  Regardless of the delegation of exemption authority, the basic statutory foundation for all employees in the University System is that they are assumed civil service unless exempted by statute.

(Reference section 36e(3) of the Act (110 ILCS 70/36e(3))
Issued 6/1/2009