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3.2 Request for Setting or Changing Negotiated and Prevailing Rates

Manual: Pay Administration

Subsection: Negotiated and Prevailing Rates

Requests to establish or revise salary ranges that are either negotiated or prevailing rate types shall be submitted electronically through the Salary Data System. Please see Example 1.1a for the steps involved in accessing and working within the system.

The Employer shall submit requests to establish or revise negotiated rates preferably prior to and no later than the date such changes are to be implemented (may be retroactive) by the Employer. In submitting justification for proposed ranges, please remember:

  1. The wage change request shall be accompanied by a copy of the entire collective bargaining agreement, or a copy of the current wage addendum to previously submitted agreements.
  2. Requests may be submitted for effecting wage changes that are satisfactorily negotiated prior to finalization of other sections of an agreement. A copy of the entire agreement shall be supplied to the University System Office upon finalization.
  3. The group with whom the agreement is in effect shall be noted on the request form.

The employer shall submit requests to establish or revise prevailing rates that include the following justification. Any one or combination of the documents or information as described below will be sufficient evidence to justify a rate/range change.

  1. A copy of the current wage addendum from the collective bargaining agreement of the local craft or trade upon which the proposed wages are based; or
  2. A copy of the Illinois Department of Labor wage certification to the Department of Central Management Services listing the hourly wage rate and effective date; or
  3. Other current wage data in accordance with the Employer's past practice with respect to Prevailing Rate determinations; or
  4. A copy of the Master Agreement ('downtown agreement') which specifies the wage rate equal to that particular county/area prevailing base wage rate.

Note: Whenever possible, the above attachments can be submitted in the Wage Addendum section which allows you to either attach a document, or specify a URL.

Salary proposals returned to the employer without approval will include the reason(s) for non-approval as well as directive action if appropriate.

Reference Statute Section 110 ILCS 70/36d(3)
Revised 11/1/2016