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3.1 Setting and/or Adjusting Negotiated and Prevailing Rates

Manual: Pay Administration

Subsection: Negotiated and Prevailing Rates

As required by section 36d of the State Universities Civil Service Act, wages agreed upon as a result of negotiation between an employer and representatives of the employees, shall be recommended to the Merit Board for establishment.

Basic processing details to be followed when submitting salary requests involving prevailing rates will remain unchanged; such as:

  1. Existing Prevailing Rate classes and rates and ranges with respect to those classes always remain subject to review and re-determination by the Merit Board and by the Executive Director of the University System through delegated powers.
  2. A Prevailing Rate class continues to exist so long as circumstances justify that a Prevailing Rate exists.
  3. A Prevailing Rate review will be conducted by the employer when requested by the Merit Board, or when known facts and circumstances so warrant, or when a request or complaint is made by an employee or employee representative. The employer retains the right, as well as the duty, to institute a review of a specific Prevailing Rate class at any time and to request such changes as the facts and circumstances may warrant.

Reference Statute Section 110 ILCS 70/36d(3)
Revised 5/11/2016