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1.1 Introduction

Manual: Pay Administration

Subsection: General Procedures

As a matter of operating policy, the Merit Board has historically interpreted Section 36d(3) of the State Universities Civil Service Act (Act) to require the payment of wages to all employees which are generally comparable to the wages paid in the locality, or recruiting area, to employees engaged in work of a similar character. This interpretation, which might be referred to as the "prevailing wage principle", is not to be confused with the term "prevailing rate", which is one of four methods the Merit Board has recognized in the establishment of rates and ranges. These four methods are:

  1. Open range - Ranges recommended by the employer based upon one, or a combination of the following:
    • comparisons of ranges in effect for the same class by other employers within the University System;
    • pay surveys for like jobs in the recruiting area; and/or
    • comparative skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions with other classes utilized by the employer.
  2. Negotiated rate or range - A rate or range determined in accordance with a collective bargaining agreement between the employer and an employee group represented by a bargaining agent or committee, under the provision of Section 36d(3) of the Act and other applicable laws.
  3. Prevailing rate - A rate of pay generally established in accordance with a local multi-employer craft and trade agreement, or as otherwise determined by the Merit Board.
  4. Established rate or range - A rate or range based on a direct tie or relationship to a negotiated or prevailing rate, or to reflect a local market condition unlike that represented by the Open Range salary structure of the Employer.

Prior to implementation by an employer, all rates or ranges must be submitted to the University System Office, with substantiation, for approval.

All requests to establish, revise, correct, or delete pay rates or ranges shall be submitted for approval on-line via a secure web site (see Example 1.1a). The on-line system will eliminate the need to submit any supporting paper documents in the approval of pay rates and ranges so long as those documents can be submitted within the salary data system ; e.g., collective bargaining agreements.  Certain basic processing details to be followed when submitting salary requests will remain unchanged; such as:

  • When it becomes necessary to correct a current rate or range (e.g., an approved salary range contained a typographical error), the correction must be retroactive; i.e., the effective date of the corrected range must be the same as the effective date of the "incorrect" range.
  • No rates or ranges may be deleted if there are current incumbents in the class or if there are employees on leave from positions currently assigned to the class.
  • On occasions when classes move from "open range" to "negotiated", please submit a copy of the "Certification of Representation" form upon receipt from the IELRB. However, do not submit a new salary request changing the rate type from "open range" to "negotiated" until such time as rates have been negotiated between the Employer and the exclusive representative.

Reference Statute Section 110 ILCS 70/36d(3)
Revised 5/11/2016