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3.1 Veterans Preference Points

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Veterans Preference

An applicant who requests veterans preference points and who establishes eligibility will have the appropriate points added to the Original Entry examination, passing score only.

An applicant for an Original Entry examination may receive veterans preference points based on a review of a discharge or release from military service. The University System employer is responsible for determining an applicant's eligibility to receive veterans preference points. Verification of such determination is indicated on the University System Answer Sheet by signature of the DER.

Once an applicant has established eligibility for veterans preference points, it is not necessary for the University System employer to request that he/she reestablish such eligibility for each subsequent Original Entry examination.

General questions regarding veterans preference points can be directed to the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs at (800) 827-1000 or the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs at (217) 782-3418.

Combined Sections 1.3 and 3.3 and Edited 10/25/2004