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19.1 General Instructions

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Ordering Examination Materials

The testing office at each place of employment shall maintain an up-to-date file of examining instruments and keys which are used at the campus.

As the supply of each examination decreases, the testing personnel shall make a request to the System Office for examining instruments, keys, register cards, and other examining materials. Requests for examination materials may be sent through the mail, e-mailed, or faxed to the System Office. A follow-up call should be made to the System Office on all e-mail requests. Examinations are not faxed because of security reasons.

Requisition for Testing Materials forms are supplied by the System Office. See Example 19.1a and Example 19.1b. A Requisition for System forms shall be used for ordering supplies such as register cards, Statements of Training and Experience forms, etc. See Example 19.1c.

Requisition forms shall be completed in DUPLICATE and mailed to the System Office, whereupon the requests shall be filled.

If any part of the request cannot be filled by the System Office, a notation of this will be made on the duplicate copy of the requisition. When such materials become available, they will be mailed.

Upon receiving orders, the testing personnel shall check the order with the duplicate copy of the requisition, which is returned with the order, to be sure all examination materials have been included.

The System Office shall be notified at once if any part of the order is missing (except back-ordered materials), or if the package has been opened or damaged during shipment.

If time does not permit a written request for examining materials, the testing office may duplicate needed supplies from their inventory.

The examination title, Original Entry or Promotional, a description of each part needed, and the number of copies desired must be specified on each order.

If it is necessary to abbreviate names of examination materials when completing a requisition, the System suggests the following abbreviations be used:

    booklets bk.
    answer sheets A/S
    scoring sheets S/S
    evaluation sheets eval. sheet
    special questionnaires spec. quest.
    Supplemental Information Form SIF
    Rating Guides RG
    Scoring Information Sheets SIS
    Rating Sheets R/S
    Modified Education and Experience MEE
    Informational Supplement IS
    Knowledge Test KT

All requisition forms shall include the name of the place of employment.

All requisition forms shall be signed and dated.

Issued 1/1/1999