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18.1 Security

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Security of Examination Materials

A periodic inventory of examining supplies and examinations shall be conducted to determine whether locks on cabinets are providing adequate protection.

All defaced and obsolete testing materials may be destroyed by Personnel/Human Resource(s) Office staff.

All examination scoring keys which become worn shall be returned to the System Office and request made for their replacement.

A written inventory of exams should be maintained. For example, keep track of how many items you request and receive from the System Office. Note how many exams are returned to the System Office i.e. rechecks, etc. Also keep track of how many exams are destroyed or copied. Periodically check your inventory records and report any discrepancies. Exchange corrected pages as soon as received to ensure a valid exam and immediately destroy the pages with errors.

The materials that applicants bring into and take out of examining room should be checked. If an applicant uses a résumé during the exam, check it prior to the applicant turning in his/her exam. Also perform this check with calculators. This will stop applicants from writing questions on these documents/materials and taking them out of the testing area.

Monitor the exam as closely as possible. If a monitor cannot be provided at all times, try to at least "walk through" the room on an occasional basis.

Do not score examinations in the presence of applicants. Do not leave graded, partially graded, or ungraded materials in open/exposed areas. If a monitor is called away from his/her workstation, remember to secure the exam materials prior to departure.

Make sure that all examination materials are kept in locked storage areas. Restrict access to these file cabinets, offices, or rooms where the exams are stored especially to those working in Personnel/Human Resource(s) who plan to take an examination.

Please restrict the access of all staff members and other SUCSS employees not directly involved in the administering and grading of tests to files containing copies of examination materials (blank tests, completed tests, rating sheets, answer keys/templates, etc.).

Issued 1/1/1999