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17.1 General Instructions

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Voiding Registers

The University System Office shall notify all DERS 45 days prior to the voiding of any register.  The date of the voiding action and the date on which registers from the new examination will be effective shall be listed on this notice.

Qualified applicants may be allowed to take the current examination during this 45-day period with the understanding that this register will soon be voided.  As of the close of business on the date of voiding, registers created from the old examination shall be voided and all scores removed. 

During the 45-day notice period, qualified applicants (including candidates whose names are already on the register by score) shall be scheduled for the new examination.  The new examination may be administered during this 45-day notice period with the understanding that any test score, and subsequent register created during this timeframe, will not be utilized until the specified effective date.

The DERS shall communicate this action in writing to each candidate on the Original Entry and/or Promotional registers and each applicant who applies for an Original Entry or Promotional examination during such 45-day period. 

Names of candidates on Reemployment registers and those listed on the Original Entry and/or Promotional registers by service are not to be removed from registers by voiding procedures and must remain on any subsequent register established by the new examination instrument, provided they continue to meet the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications for the specified classification.

Revised 7/16/2008