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16.1 General Instructions

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Correcting Examination Scores

If an applicant/candidate makes a written request for a recheck of an examination, the System will review the scoring after receiving the examination from the Employer, providing it is still on file and a recheck breakdown from the school is received with the request.

If the System finds any discrepancies or errors in scoring, discussion with the Employer shall take place before a score is changed. The examination score then shall be changed and a Notice of Corrected Scores sent to the place of employment. See Example 16.1a

If the System Office discovers or is informed of an error on an examination, a letter defining the revision procedures will be sent to the DER. See Example 16.1b

The score for each corrected portion of the examination shall be indicated on the Notice. Failing scores shall be marked in red.

The Employer shall immediately correct the applicant's/candidate's score on the register information to correspond with the Notice of Corrected Score issued by the System Office.

The Employer shall notify the applicant(s) of the corrected score(s).

Issued 1/1/1999