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15.1 General Instructions

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Transferring Examination Scores

An applicant may apply to an Employer to write an ORIGINAL ENTRY examination to gain eligibility at other places of employment.

A candidate may request that his/her PASSING score be placed on eligible registers at ADDITIONAL places of employment that utilize that class.

If a candidate wishes to have his/her name placed on registers at other places of employment, the DER shall complete the information and forward to the places of employment where the candidate wishes his/her name placed. See Example 15.1a

The Employer sends the Application for Employment with the letter requesting transfer of scores to each place of employment designated.

The date of application shall be the date on which the applicant makes the request to the Employer that his/her name be placed on a register at another place of employment.

Names of candidates may not be placed on promotional registers other than at the place of employment at which the examination is written.

A passing score received on a Promotional examination may be lifted to use on an Original Entry examination and then placed on the Original Entry register for the appropriate class at another place of employment, providing the Original Entry and Promotional examinations are identical in content.

Issued 1/1/1999