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11.2 Specific Procedures for Rewriting Clerical Examinations

Manual: Examination Procedures

Subsection: Administering Rewrite Examinations

Specific time limitations as reference in section 11.1 of this manual do not apply to the proficiency component(s) of clerical examinations.  In this instance, the employer may determine time limitations for rewrites of proficiency component(s) of clerical examinations, but not less than three times in any 12 month period.  Accordingly, the applicant has the option to rewrite the failed proficiency component(s) within the designated university/agency timeframe.

Please note that this only applies to the failed proficiency component(s) of clerical examinations.  All other examinations and exam component(s) must be administered in accordance with section 11.1 of this manual.

Each REWRITE clerical examination must be assigned a NEW examination number.  If required, a University System Answer Sheet shall be completed for each rewrite.

Revised 7/16/2008